Mirak Road to Glory (AKA Ticon) stands at attention during the Boxers West Club Show held at the new Paws Haus dog kennel and full service canine superstore in the Laughlin Outlet Mall. Paws Haus is scheduled to open next year. Jessica Rivera is owner of Mirak Road to Glory, which was named champion of the Laughlin show.


LAUGHLIN — The first-ever official Boxers West Club Show was held recently at the Paws Haus, a canine superstore in the Laughlin Outlet Mall that is scheduled to open in 2020.

The Paws Haus occupies the old Cecil’s Market and spans the entire space, front to back. The former loading dock and liquor room have been transformed into a receiving area with keypad entry, a washing and walking area, and a veterinarian examination room before a massive showroom and retail space that spans the entire length of the interior of the old grocery store.

The canine center will host shows, offer 24-hour monitored boarding, once-a-month veterinarian visits, washing, grooming, retail other pet services, said owner Kathy Ochs.

The show was officially sanctioned by Boxers West Club, and they had a professional judge from the Ukraine, Tatiana Belorus, on hand to judge the dogs that were entered.

The show also had professional dog trainer Oscar Mora on hand to evaluate and help owners with some behavioral training exercises throughout the event. 

“We will have doggie daycare, and hopefully service guests in the casinos with pick up and delivery schedules to and from valet for pet services in our K-9 Limousine,” Ochs said. “We will offer sport seminars for agility and flyball. Our retail will focus on clean and holistic options for pet food, as well as natural remedies to aid in improving our pets lives, sort of a puppy apothecary.”

“Haus” is a German spelling for “house” and Ochs said that is because it is modeled after European K-9 centers. Her partner and mentor, Dagmar Strong, is a professional breeder with the German Kennel Club, and has dogs competing at the World Championships of Dog Sports. She will be assuming operations of the center once it is open to ensure the authenticity of a European pet center experience. 

On top of all those services, Paws Haus will sell professional gear and equipment for canine owners. 

Ochs, a former police officer, also hosts K-9 training programs for Las Vegas Metro Police-Laughlin for K-9 officers.

“I have had many police K-9’s from the National Police Foundation train here and I have donated a patrol/explosives K-9 to our local Police Department,” Ochs said.

The date for opening Paws Haus remains up in the air. Ochs said she plans to open the store with little fanfare, allowing the services and routines to get the store into its own groove before announcing the place via any ribbon-cutting or grand opening.

Sixteen boxers took part in the show, competing in several different classes. 

Belorus is  well known and respected throughout the boxer world. In 1996, she made her debut in the show world with her Hungarian import, Angel von Spartacus. Her boxer breeding kennel, Brist Art Nordom, was founded in 2004. Her Germiona Nordom became world champion and best of breed at the world championship in 2009. More than 30 Bris Art Nordom boxers have gained the Ukraine champion title, 15 have received the champion title in other countries, and 23 have gained the international champion title.

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I am very much afraid of large dogs. I avoid places where they are as much as possible. I have been in Casinos with huge dogs entering restaurants,on the sidewalks,tied to store fronts. Dogs without muzzles and often barely leashed. I would not recommend walking in Laughlin as a tourist if not wanting to confront a large dog. I now will avoid the mall too. There should be designated areas for pets of large breeds in this city. But there are none that I know of. I don't wish to encounter certain large dogs,so I hope to move to a place where there are some safety guards for people.

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