A small herd of goats — gathered in the shade — inhabit an island in the Colorado River across from Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino. Nobody seems to know where they came from.


LAUGHLIN — The island doesn’t have a name, but it has its share of stories. Some of them might even be true.

A small herd of goats has occupied a small island in the Colorado River near Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino. Thousands of people have heard or seen them. No one knows for sure how they got there or where they came from.

It’s a mystery of sorts.

Taking photographs on an assignment in Bullhead City last week, a reporter started hearing the strangest sounds from the boat launch: Goats bleating.

Unsure where the sounds were coming from — but fully aware that it was goats — the curious reporter ventured closer, tracking down the source.

Upon closer inspection and looking past the water taxis and Sea-Dooers traversing the river, the reporter spotted what appeared to be two goats on the island, an island that officially has no name according to the Riverside Casino’s marketing office.

The island belongs to the Riverside Casino, but employees at the Riverside said there was no official name for it. The sparse land mass that sits about 30 feet from shore on the Bullhead City side of the river has been there forever, and yet no official name exists for it, and very little information is available on it by anyone, including The Riverside itself.

A friendly attendant at the Sea-Doo rental kiosk atop the dock on the Bullhead City side said it hasn’t always been inhabited by goats.

”There used to be peacocks on the island — a lot of them,” she said. She said she thought the peacocks had been eaten by coyotes or other predators. In their place came the goats.

Nobody knows how they got over to the island or even whose goats they are. The kiosk employee said she never has seen people on the island tending or feeding the goats, but has seen maintenance people go on the island from time to time. 

Calls to the Riverside yielded few answers so far as the one person that supposedly knows the whole story of “Goat Island” was on vacation.

The mystery of Goat Island continues — until next week anyway.

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