LAUGHLIN — On Monday, a small yet undeniable wonder was found in the township of Laughlin.

Toilet paper.

Yes, there is toilet paper in Laughlin. Across the river in Bullhead City the hoarders are still clearing out the shelves as fast as they can be stocked with the precious commodity that imediately became the singular focus of COVID-19 fearing folks and which was one of the first casualties of the hoarding across the globe after all the hand sanitizer had been cleared out. 

Not food for survival, nor ammunition for safety, nor implements to shore up one’s domicile in which to ride out the new plague of our ages, but toilet paper. 

Yes the sanitary wiping solution for one’s most basic needs and one that comes after food in natural succession. But the food came second in this latest pandemic.

In the age of COVID-19, toilet paper has become legendary. The stuff of dreams and those brazen enough to fill several shopping carts with it, grabbing up enough of the paper gold to fill entire rooms in their homes and to bring that peace of mind that perhaps only millions of dollars in the bank can. 

It was found in the least likely of places. A gas station/food mart in the same shopping center as Aldape’s has been in since 1987. Aldape’s couldn’t keep toilet paper in supply. Nor can the Family Dollar store just across the street. 

And yet, here it was in a heap. A small pyramid of the product and a sign that read 75 cents a roll with a limit of four rolls per customer. 

 Riches beyond compare and all just piled there for the buying as if there were no shortage and the dark dream had finally ended with an abrupt sighting that shook one back into reality and a loud sigh of relief that it had all been just that — a bad dream. Wrapped in majestic pink paper, each roll a handful of sweet delight for those closed door moments.

As it turns out it was simply common sense by the team at North Pointe, which had enough wisdom to order enough product and then to offer it in an orderly fashion so it doesn’t disappear in one fell swoop of hoarding. Yes, leave it up to a gas-station-convenience store to solve the unsolvable problem of having toilet paper to sell to those who need it to restore a semblance or order to a ridiculous situation plaguing America for far too long. 

Let those who foolishly felt that toilet paper somehow surpassed food in a time of crisis to now have a six-year supply of it in their houses to navigate around until used since no stores are allowing those items to be returned. Those who have several years’ supply will quickly come to realize just how foolish the panic buying of toilet tissue really was and how foolish the investment of both time and money to acquire it really was. 

Let them eat paper.

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Thanks for the humor while addressing a personal issue! O needed the chuckles!

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