Laughlin Library assistant Mihn Nguyen, left, assists Laughlin resident Barbara Saxe in creation of a hand fan during last week’s Drop-in Crafting event at the library.


LAUGHLIN — The Laughlin Library has begun offering Drop-in Crafts, a mostly self-directed six-hour event scheduled once a month.

Mihn Nguyen, a library assistant, prepares materials and sets them out across a table for people to assemble their creations. People can arrive and leave anytime within the hours specified. And, while there, they can create one or more of the items featured.

There are printed directions for assembling some of the objects. Nguyen has years of crafting experience. She provides direction and advice for this and other craft activities at

the library. 

Thursday’s Drop-in, the library’s second such event, featured material to create hand fans, paper flowers and  tiny decorative magnets.

Paper was the featured medium used for all three objects.

“I do a lot of crafts at home, too,” said Barbara Saxe, a Laughlin resident. “I get good ideas here.” 

She said she also knits and makes jewelry but smiled as she folded colorful paper to provide the familiar accordion pleats seen in many folding fans, then used a needle and string to turn the pleated paper into a circle. 

“I love to craft,” said Shayleen Evans, of Laughlin, a regular library crafter. 

She said she considers herself more of a visual learner and watched Nguyen complete some steps.

Evans used to live in Idaho and had a basement for crafts. It allowed her to keep the rest of her home clean.

She also made a magnet, which relied on patterned paper underneath a shaped piece of clear plastic. A magnet glued to the bottom also made it strong enough to hold small notes or pictures on a refrigerator door, filing cabinet or other metal destination.

Connie Legel and Suzanne Hein, of Bullhead City, tried their hands at various things. Both made some magnets.

Hein said she wanted to do a paper flower with a thinner stem so Nguyen brought some drinking straws to replace the rolled green construction paper.

Legel made a fan. She has a couple of decorative fans at home and said she really likes them.

Tanya Brown-Wirth, the Laughlin Library’s branch manager, said Nguyen’s expertise has been an asset to the library. She not only leads crafting activities for the public to try but also does displays and other visual projects.

“We’re expanding our crafting activities,” Brown-Wirth said. “Mihn’s really, really good.”

Library staff wants to inspire people to create things not only at the library but also create things at home, she added.

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