Jackie Mazzeo, president and CEO of the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce, led her team back into the chamber building on Casino Drive to ready it for a reopening. The team was doing cleaning and some re-organizing at the building last week to get ready for that reopening such as adding Plexiglas at the customer service counter inside. Mazzeo is shown at the entrance, standing next to a sign that explains what the chamber does.


LAUGHLIN — The Laughlin Chamber of Commerce isn’t open to the public yet, but employees are busy getting the facility ready for that goal.

A stop by their lair on Casino Drive across the street from Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino found Chamber President and CEO Jackie Mazzeo and staff hard at work, cleaning up the offices and organizing while they had the time. The chamber has soldiered on throughout, working from home instead of at the office for a while.

Mazzeo said the chamber is adding Plexiglas to the inside counter as a buffer between staff and the public, a measure seen in all types of businesses in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. She said the chamber will be ready to roll with face-to-face meetings, once it receives a green light to do so.

The chamber has kept active without its home base, recently unveiling and awarding the recipients of the Layoff Aversion Pilot program sponsored by Workforce Connections of Southern Nevada in conjunction with the Department of Training and Rehabilitation of Nevada and Bank of Nevada. The chamber was responsible for choosing which Laughlin businesses received assistance and they did so readily, selecting Bruce’s Taste of Chicago, Mama’s Pizza, Humberto’s Mexican Restaurant and the Regency Casino’s Chuckwagon restaurant to receive financial assistance that paid back 50% of the wages of the employees that those businesses didn’t lay off. 

More recently the chamber also took on the task of registering around 1,000 Laughlin residents for the free COVID-19 testing that took place in Laughlin Tuesday and today at the Aquarius Casino Resort, taking phone reservations and information from those residents who wished to be tested for the virus. That alone was three solid days of phone bank work, aided as always by the chamber’s VIP volunteers, the oft seen army of Laughlin folks who give freely of their time to aid the chamber and the Laughlin Tourism Commission with many events. The VIP volunteers also helped out with the on the ground logistics of the COVID-19 testing in Laughlin with dozens of them in their trademark blue shirts guiding the Laughlin residents through the process.

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