Two vehicle accident at the intersection of Mohave Dr and Highway 95, one patient is being treated at the scene, no other injuries were reported. Both northbound lanes are shut down and northbound traffic is re routed to Mohave Dr.

Use caution in the area, no further information is available at this time.

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Those of us that drive the highway on a daily basis are well aware that the intersection of Mohave Dr and Hwy 95 is one the most dangerous in the area, cannot even begin to count all of the accidents that I personally have seen at that intersection. Who to blame, where to start, there is a complete lack of traffic enforcement in Bullhead City, now whether that is ordered by the city council as to not hurt the feelings of the tourist that want to completely disrespect our traffic laws, or it is because of laziness on the part of the police department is anyone's guess at this point, either way, no enforcement leads to more accidents. It also does not help with the way some of the stop lights are set up at various intersections by ADOT, there is absolutely noreason whatsoever that when someone approaches the HWY from either side to make either a left turn or to turn right that they cannot wait a few moments, yet with the way some of the lights are set up, when someone comes to the intersection the traffic lights will change almost instantly, which for most drivers causes a panic and then they make mistakes leading to accidents. Someone needs to get on the ball and make severe changes to how things are done. What are they waiting for? A massive accident with massive loss of life?

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