How they voted: Needles City Council and Needles Public Utility Authority, meeting in regular session on Aug. 13, 2019. Councilors Tona Belt, Shawn Gudmundson, Zachery Longacre, Ed Paget M.D., Timothy Terral and Mayor Jeff Williams were present. Councilor Clayton Hazlewood was absent.

Report from executive session: Conference with legal counsel; anticipated initiation of litigation, three potential cases. Council acted on one item: to proceed with litigation in the interests of ensuring enforceability but to accept a $25,000 settlement in an illegal cannabis cultivation case.

1) NCC action item: A presentation by Don Olsen of Epic Engineering of a preliminary draft of a culinary (city) water and sanitary sewer capital facilities master plan. Council was asked to direct staff to proceed with steps necessary for adoption of the plan.

No action taken.

2) NCC discretionary item: Presentation by Aaron Barnes for a cannabis consumption cafe including a dispensary, cafe, on-site manufacturing and distribution center in the former Denny’s Restaurant location at 1400 J St. Councilor Longacre recused himself from this item and left the room while the presentation was made.

No action taken.

3) NCC action item: Staff report, council questions, public comments, council deliberation and vote on Resolution 2019-48 approving a conditional use permit for a two-phase commercial boat and recreational vehicle storage facility. Utilizing steel buildings, the facility would be located within the Needles Marina Resort in a commercial resort residential zone at 100 Marina Dr.

Belt-N, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

4) NCC action item: Staff report, council questions, public comments, council deliberation and vote on Resolution 2019-51 requesting a cost-effective determination by the California Energy Commission providing relief from requirements regarding installation of residential photovoltaic electrical generation per state building energy efficiency standards taking effect in 2020.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

5) NCC action item: Staff report, council questions, public comments, council deliberation and vote on Resolution 2019-47 abandoning an unused portion of a right-of-way along Market Street west of O Street.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

6) A public hearing regarding amendment of Chapter 14 of city code, graffiti prohibition and removal, was continued to the meeting of Sept. 10.

Recess NCC, convene joint NCC/NPUA

NCC/NPUA action item, consent calendar including:

7) Annual depository statement - authorize and direct finance staff to make monthly transfers from NPUA to city accounts to reimburse for fiscal year 2019-20 payments for debt and contract services, purchase payments and reimbursement of non-utility sanitation revenues deposited with the NPUA according to the approved budget.

8) Authorize city manager to execute an 18 month contract with Horizon Technologies Inc. to provide radio services for city owned radios for electric, water, wastewater, public works and golf maintenance departments. A monthly lease rate of $1,120 would be paid from communications/telephone accounts.

9) Accept 2018 emission verification report from Lincus Inc. in accordance with requirements of Assembly Bill 32.

10) Authorize increase of $27,620 in annual power pole purchase costs for fiscal years 2020, 21 and 22; for a total estimated cost of $54,746. McFarland Cascade is the supplier for the Douglas fir poles.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y, Williams-Y

Adjourn NPUA, reconvene NCC

NCC action item, consent calendar including

11) Warrants register through Aug. 13.

12) Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 619-AC amending city code to add “Accessory Dwelling Unit” and “Table of Permissible Uses.”

13) Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 620-AC amending city code to replace “Affordable and Elderly Housing Bonus” with “Density Bonus and Related Incentives and Concessions Program.”

14) Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 621-AC amending city code to add “Reasonable Accommodations for Persons with Disabilities.”

15) Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 622-AC amending city code to add “Emergency Shelters and Supportive and Transitional Housing” and “Table of Permissible Uses.”

16) Waive second reading and adopt Ordinance 623-AC approving a general plan amendment from residential medium density to highway commercial for a parcel at 3353 Needles Hwy.

17) Award bid of $38,536.79 for rye grass seed to Helena Agri-Enterprises of Las Vegas..

18) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-46 establishing city appropriations limit for FY 2019-20 in accordance with provisions of Title I of the California Government Code.

19) Approve combination of two part-time Maintenance and Construction Worker 1 positions to one full-time MCW 1 position split half and half between Parks and Cemetery departments. Increase general fund expenditures by approximately $9,800 to $24,000 ($1,850 for Public Employee Retirement System, remainder for health care) to be taken from reserves.

20) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-49 approving Final Parcel Map 19995 subdividing approximately 2.38 acres at 250 Balboa St. into three commercial parcels.

21) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-50 adding improvements to O and P streets south of Needles Highway to the Capital Improvement Plan.

22) Approve Change Order 1 for $20,503.02 to purchase and install new flooring and paint in the administrative and utility billing office at 817 Third St., using project contingency and reserves of the utility business office internal service fund. Authorize staff to issue a change order for execution.

23) Approve filing a claim for Local Transportation Fund, State Transit Assistance Fund and Measure I Operations for elderly and handicapped for FY 2019-20.

24) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-54 approving amendment to eight CUPS for use of four steel buildings as part of site expansion at 1 Ice House Road. Applicant Curtis Devine. Councilor Longacre recused.

26) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-55 supporting the Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2020.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

25) Removed from consent calendar. Authorize mayor to send a letter to California’s governor and legislators requesting implementation of voter-approved initiative California Proposition 7: Permanent Daylight Saving Time Measure.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

27) NCC discretionary item: Discuss city-provided health benefits for council members. Mayor Williams, councilors Gudmundson and Terral will serve on an ad hoc committee to poll other cities on their practices.

Key: Y is a yes vote, N is a no vote, A is abstain from voting. Council members must abstain in the case of a conflict of interest. Mayor Jeff Williams, or the presiding officer in his absence, votes only in the case of a tie. The presiding officer does vote on the actions of the Needles Public Utility Authority, Public Financing Authority and Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency. Ordinances require two separate readings and affirmative votes of at least four council members for passage. Emergency ordinances may be passed on one reading but require five affirmative votes. Resolutions require one reading with four affirmative votes and take effect immediately.

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