How they voted: Needles City Council, Needles Public Utility Authority meeting in regular session on Oct. 8, 2019. Councilors Tona Belt, Shawn Gudmundson, Clayton Hazlewood, Zachery Longacre, Ed Paget M.D., Timothy Terral and Mayor Jeff Williams were present.

Report from executive session: Conference with legal counsel in the matter of national opiate litigation listing all U.S. cities as class members, including Needles.

Council voted to remain a party to the legal action.

1) NCC action item: Resolution 2019-68 adding a sixth item to a list of capital improvement projects: a 15-year pavement management plan with a first-year price tag of almost $3 million. Two actions were taken:

A) Approve the plan with the exception of Front Street.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

B) Approve Front Street. Longacre recused himself as his residence is along Front Street.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

2) NCC action item: Presentation, council questions, public comments, deliberation and vote on Resolution 2019-69 amending and adopting an update to a housing element of the city’s general plan and adopting a declaration of no significant environmental effects.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

Recess NCC, convene joint NCC-NPUA

3) NCC/NPUA action item: Approve resolutions 10-08-2019-NPUA and Council Resolution 2019-67 adopting an annual wildfire mitigation plan from the NPUA.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y, Williams-Y

Adjourn joint NCC-NPUA; reconvene NCC

NCC action item, consent agenda including:

4) Approve warrants register through Oct. 8.

5) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-65 to authorize filing an application with the state Department of Transportation for federal funding from a program providing assistance to rural transit programs.

6) Approve amended credit card policies and procedures statement; authorize finance department to pay credit card statements prior to council approval.

7) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-64: applying for per capita grant funds through the state Department of Parks and Recreation.

8) Waive reading and adopt Resolution 2019-66 accepting a purchase offer from Greens Needles LLC for city right-of-way on a portion of Market Street west of O Street and terminating at Interstate 40.

9) Authorize $21,200 from Public Works Department reserve funds to purchase a 2019 Chevrolet 2500 HD four-wheel-drive truck with an 8-inch Rock King plow; balance of purchase price to come from PWD vehicle replacement fund. Purchase was approved during the May 14 meeting.

10) Accept resignation of Jeremy Smith from Parks and Recreation Commission; direct city clerk to advertise all vacancies on various boards and commissions.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

11) NCC action item: Discuss installing pedestrian traffic control measures at Bailey Avenue and J Street.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

Key: Y is a yes vote, N is a no vote, A is abstain from voting. Council members must abstain in the case of a conflict of interest. Mayor Jeff Williams, or the presiding officer in his absence, votes only in the case of a tie. The presiding officer does vote on the actions of the Needles Public Utility Authority, Public Financing Authority and Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency. Ordinances require two separate readings and affirmative votes of at least four council members for passage. Emergency ordinances may be passed on one reading but require five affirmative votes. Resolutions require one reading with four affirmative votes and take effect immediately.

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Always funny reading these... Seems Longacre recuses himself every week... How do you get anything done that way..?

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