NEEDLES — Through a new pavement management plan, Epic Engineers identified nine miles of streets that the city of Needles can fix in the first year of the plan for $2.9 million; city officials told the Needles Downtown Business Alliance during its November meeting.

The alliance meets again at 11:30 a.m. Thursday, Dec. 5, in the Wagon Wheel Restaurant along Needles Highway.

“We had our engineer (Epic Engineers) drive all our 47 miles of road within the city and identify a 15-year plan on how we are going to get all our roads updated,” said Patrick Martinez, city of Needles development director. “Its nine miles that are going to be done the first year that the city council committed to.”

Martinez said that the overall 15-year plan comes with a price tag of $43 million. “That equates to $2.9 million a year,” said Martinez.

Background information provided by city staff states that 17.9 percent of roads are good, needing slurry and crack seal; 36.9 percent are fair, needing thin mill and repave; 27.6 percent are poor, needing full mill and repave; 7.2 percent are unpaved, needing to pave to meet fire department standards; and 10 percent are improvements planned for Needles Highway, O and P streets. The information states that almost three quarters of city roads in need of resurfacing fall into the fair, poor and unpaved categories.

In the city’s pavement maintenance plan they gave streets a rating from one to six depending on the condition of the road. The roads that are rated No. 1, which is the best rating, come out to be 35,284 linear feet or about 6.6 miles within the city.

“The priority is to maintain the good roads first,” said Martinez.

Some of those streets that are going to take priority are Front Street, from L Street to K Street; Third Street, from I Street to D Street; Budweiser Road, from Needles Highway to My Place Road; Morgan Drive, from Highway 95 south to Holiday Way; My Place Road (north), from Budweiser Road to Ro’s Road; Safari Drive, from Cherry Street to Victory Drive; Victory Drive, from Cherry to the west end; National Trails Highway, from Park Road to Needles Highway; Aliso Street, from Arizona Avenue to Monterey Avenue; F Street, from Front Street to Broadway (west); Front Street, from the west end to J Street.

“$650,000 in slurry and crack seal will occur in the first year,” said Martinez. “The remaining $2.3 million will go towards reconstructing roads identified as a number higher than one. The city will chip away at the Year 1 pavement management program that needs to be completed. When the first year is completed, the city will adopt the second year, however, the city will not complete the project on credit. Only when money is in the bank.”

The background information said the priorities are to maintain good roads, high traffic routes, school zone areas and routes not sufficiently wide or paved for fire truck access.

The process of maintaining the good roads is to start immediately, said Martinez.

“It will go out to bid in the next couple of weeks,” he continued. “Measure I funds, supplemental Measure I funds, cannabis revenue and grants will pay for the roads.”

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