Nixie Davis

Nixie Davis swims the individual medley in the Needles opener.

BULLHEAD CITY — Needles’ Kade Odell, 14, Lincoln Jones, 11, and Joslyn Jones, 8, swept all five of their events in the Bullhead City Invitational June 8; a meet the hosting Barracudas ultimately won with a combined team score of 1,537. Needles’ Sandsharks, collectively, scored 920; the Cottonwood Clippers 325.

Scoring is done differently in Bullhead’s pool, measured in meters. A first place finish earns a swimmer nine points and scores are tallied, in descending order, through eighth place. In the 25 yard pool at the Needles Aquatic Center only the top three finishers in each event score points of five, three or one.

The home team generally has a distinct advantage in sheer numbers of swimmers during invitationals. Each Sandshark must also pony up an extra $20 fee just to enter, which undoubtedly has a dampening effect on participation.

Cottonwood’s oldest swimmers clipped two category wins in individual competition for ages 15 - 18. Emma Warner won the girls’ events with 43 points; Joseph Calhoon won the boys’ with 39. Bullhead City and Needles each won five with the Sandsharks’ 5-year-old Layton DeLeon and 12-year-old Makenna Castillo earning 38 points each; Odell and the two Jones posting 45 apiece.

Mary Hessom, 13, topped the ’Cudas’ efforts with 43; Teagan Dover, 6, and Jack Mangum, 7, scored 41 each; Kori Schutt, 9, 35; and Kayson Estep, 10, 30 points.

Bullhead and Needles also finished the mixed relay events in a dead heat, posting three wins apiece. Needles won the 100 meter event for ages six and under in 3:45.16; Bullhead for ages 7 - 8 in 1:45.10 and for ages 9 - 10 in 1:25.19; Needles for ages 11 - 12 in 1:06.44 and ages 13 - 14 in 1:00.67; Bullhead the 200 meter event for ages 15 - 18 in 2:01.35.

Exclusive of relay events Bullhead’s boys led the way in the meet, posting 627 points to Needles’ 284 and Cottonwood’s 137. The Lady ’Cudas scored 522 to the ’Sharks’ 396 and the Clippers’ 112.

Castillo’s 38 points for the Sandsharks came on wins in the 50 meter butterfly, back stroke and freestyle events; a second in the 100 meter individual medley and a fifth in the 50 meter breast stroke.

Ella Delacruz, 9, won all three of the events she entered for 27 points; nine each for the 50 meter ’fly, back and free.

DeLeon won the 100 medley and 25 breast, placed second in the 25 back and free, and third in the 25 ’fly.

Teagan Jones, 13, won the 50 back, took third in the 100 medley and 50 breast, fifth in the 50 free and seventh in the 50 ’fly.

Leah Smith, 6, won the 25 breast and back, and placed second in the free, ’fly and 100 medley.

The Sandsharks travel to Arizona’s famed red rock country for the two-day Sedona Invitational on June 15 and 16. They’re back in Bullhead’s ’Cuda Tank at 8 a.m. June 22.

This year’s Swim-a-Rama will be June 28 and 29: fans can place pledges for distance completed with their favorite Sandsharks in the annual fundraiser at the Needles Aquatic Center.

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