Eagles Aerie names officers

Officers of Needles’ Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 2599 and Auxiliary (A) are elected for the 2019-2020 year. Pictured in the aerie at Front and E streets are (l to r) (front) A-Madam Inside Guard Toni Phares; A-Madam Trustees Marla Geary and Cynthia Russell; A-Madam Treasurer Susie Fairman; A-Madam Secretary Jimmi Leiha; A-Madam Vice President Paulette Green; A-Madam Past President Angela Essig; A-Madam Chaplain Louise Kennedy; A-Madam Conductor Alice Hall; and Auxiliary Mother of the Year Linda Anderson; (back) 3-year Trustee Robert Martinez; Treasurer Shelley Ziemann; Secretary Sandra Martinez; Inside Guard Jeff Thistle; Jr. Past Worthy President Manuel Rubalcaba; Worthy President Melissa Miller; Worthy Conductor Mike Kenna; A-Madam President Rosie Rodriquez; Worthy Chaplain Gary Wetmore; 1-year Trustees Milton Cameron, Luis Rosales and Thomas Villareal; 2-year Trustee and Eagle of the Year K. Charles Anderson. Not pictured are Aerie Officer of the Year Adela Owensby; Worthy Vice President Owen Long; Aerie Mother of the Year Sue Jenks; and A-Madam Trustee Sandi DeLeon.

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