Rylie Willis walks through a shower of confetti on her way to pick up her certificate at Needles Middle School’s eighth-grade promotion ceremony.

NEEDLES — Needles Middle School eighth-graders completed their two-day promotion ceremony last week.

Following in the footsteps — or tire tracks — of the high school, which conducted its commencement exercises over four days at Branigan Field, the middle school promotion ceremony also was a drive-through event. 

The cars lined up, the promoted student got out of the vehicle while wearing a mask and gloves, received their certificate then returned to the vehicle in what was an orderly procession.

“I am proud of each and every one of you and all that you have accomplished at Needles Middle School,” NMS Principal Amy Avila said. “COVID-19 has helped teach all of you the ‘grit’ that it takes to succeed during tough times. You are ready to start your journey in high school and embark on the most exciting four years of your secondary education. 

“Congratulations Class of 2024!”

The eighth-grade class president was Abigail Belt, Associated Student Body President was Mataya Phillips and the class motto was “to be continued.”

There were a total of 65 eighth-graders who advanced from NMS to Needles High School. They were: Annabell Allendorf, Adriana Alvarez, Cody Anderson, Isaac Andrews, Jeffery Andrews, Andre Armendarez, Kensley Beals, graduating with high honors; Abigail Belt, graduating with high honors; William Bishop, Bronson Bittner, Laura Blackwell, Dallas Blair, Raegan Breaux, graduating with high honors; Sophia Caudillo, Gloriana Collier, Savanna Cox, Joshua Davis, Gabriel DeAnda, Davian DeBoard, Ashley Doss, Mia Escobar, Precious Escobar, Jaelyn Garcia, graduating with high honors; Sharadyn Gates, Kylynn Gordon, Joanna Hancock, Savannah Hancock, Davis Hanline, graduating with high honors; Tayla Hittle, Jacob Hopkins, Morgan Jackson, Tierra Jenkins, Shrell Jones, Annelise Keller, Benjamin Kleine, Zoe Lagodzinski, Elizabeth Leon, David Lindner, Stephen Lopez, Teagan Lusk, graduating with high honors; Dyron Miller, graduating with high honors; Dalton Mowrey, Kristin Murchison, Veronica Nimri, Mila Ochoa, Jersey O’Dell, Ryan Oropeza, Talon Paget, Jacob Panthaky, Logan Parker, Aniela Patalita, graduating with high honors; Mataya Phillips, graduating with high honors; Austin Pierce, Boston Poe-Evans, Mackenzie Pollock, Melchor (Tito) Ramirez, Enemecio Renteria, Brinnah Rockwood, Lauren Rodriguez, graduating with high honors; Angelina Sanchez, Tate Scott, Isaac Shutts, Collin Smith, Rylie Willis, graduating with high honors; and Reno Zahnter.

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