Needles Dances with the Stars

The cast of Needles Dances with the Stars gathers to find out who the crowd’s favorites were toward the end of the Needles Chamber of Commerce annual awards dinner in The Red Barn at The Palms River Resort Friday night. Pictured (l to r, front to back) are Hansel Boyd with Porter Weiss, Wyatt Butterfield, Reddik Rubacalba and Tristan East; Kobee McCorkle with Lena Butterfield; Barbara Earl with Abigail Belt and Bryar Leivas; Renee Cardona with Jaycee Barrett and Kensley Beals; Austin Baldwin with Liana DeLeon; Dr. Ruth Ross with Adyn Rockwood and Janae Adams; organizer and MC Eileen Hartwick at the microphone; Patrick Martinez with Clementine Fritz (to his right) and Dance Trax 51 director Graci Weiss (to his left). Earle and her girls won the evening’s competition with their dance to The Tractor’s 1994 hit Baby Likes To Rock It, which won the Country Music Association Award for Music Video of the Year.

NEEDLES — An enthusiastic crowd greeted an honored group of community contributors, a troupe of talented dancers and a selection of great gifts in a silent auction all served up with fine food and signature beverages during the Needles Chamber of Commerce annual awards dinner Friday night.

The Needles Rodeo Association, collectively, earned the Citizen of the Year award; the Needles chapter of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul was named Business of the Year; Zachary Lopez was named Volunteer of the Year for his work as Zach News; Vista Colorado Elementary School Principal Marie Armijo was named Educator of the Year.

The dance team of Barbara Earle with Abigail Belt and Bryar Leivas took home the trophies in the Needles Dances with the Stars contest. Thought they won’t change the standings $1 each votes benefitting Cindi’s Kids — the nonprofit arm of Dance Trax 51 — can still be cast this week at the Needles Chamber of Commerce at 119 F St.; call 760-326-2050 or check the website at

Look for more details and information about those awarded in the Oct. 9 print edition of the Needles Desert Star.

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