Jacque Soler

Jacque Soler, from Goodyear, Arizona, donates blood during the blood drive on July 24 at the Needles Community Center. Soler was in town visiting a friend. When the friend decided to donate blood, Soler followed suit.

NEEDLES — It was a great turnout for Vitalant’s blood drive on July 24. Jeannine McCoy, regional donor recruitment manager at Vitalant, said that during the blood drive they came in at 150% of what they had anticipated collecting.

McCoy said that the blood center is in Las Vegas but they distribute the blood back into the community.

One of the many people who donated blood was Jacque Soler from Goodyear, Arizona. Soler said that the friend she was visiting in Needles donated blood and encouraged her to do so as well.

“I have wanted to donate blood for some time and it just worked out,” said Soler.

Not only did Vitalant get blood but it also was performing COVID-19 antibody testing.

Through a press release, Vitalant stated that any donor who receives positive results can then choose to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by donating convalescent plasma, the only antibody treatment currently available for critically ill COVID-19 hospital patients.

For those who have recovered from COVID- 19, Vitalant also collected convalescent plasma during the blood drive. According to McCoy, Vitalant performed 27 COVID-19 antibody tests on July 24.

The impact of the drive wasn’t lost on McCoy.

“Needles was able to save up to 99 patients’ lives,” said McCoy. “The response from the community was tremendous. We are excited that the community let us come down to let us give back to the community.”

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