NEEDLES — Scott Goodman saw a need that the City of Needles had and decided to be proactive and fill that need for the residents.

“People go back home after a long day of work and instead of going back to town to go to Walmart, Smith’s or Best Buy; they can come here and get some pasta, pasta sauce and bread, packaged meats and have a meal,” said Goodman. “Needles is at a tipping point for the good and there’s an opportunity to grow way beyond what their expectations were.”

Goodman is the owner of the Circle K Chevron Gas Station at 2321 Needles Highway.

The plan to convert part of the gas station into a grocery store started a while back.

“Three months ago, I looked at all this dead space from my former restaurant and I realized that we weren’t doing anything with this,” said Goodman. “So I said, ‘I’ve got all this empty space and it’s not making me any money and it’s not serving anybody.’ So I said, ‘I think we can put this together,’ and it starting blossoming from there and mutating as time went on.”

Goodman said that they are going to be having fresh fruits and vegetables, they’re going to have a two-door freezer brought in to have chicken, steaks, hamburger meat and french fries.

“We are basically going to be a one-stop-shop for people who want to just get something to get for the house,” said Goodman. “The goal is to not just have one type of soup, I want to have 10 or 15 varieties. I want in their mind like a grocery store; four different peanut butters, five different jellies. I went away from generic brands because I want people to have a shopping experience. I’m keeping the prices as low as we can to make a few bucks but I don’t want it to be gas station prices on groceries.”

The plan that Goodman has for the interior of the store is to expand to be able to have more grocery’s available for the community. The plan is to fully pack the current area with groceries, phase two is to create more space by knocking a wall and phase three is to expand even further to be able to have conveyor belts and cashiers.

“Summer is always booming so I want to see at least what offseason looks like in the winter, spring and fall,” said Goodman. “Maybe in the springtime, knocking this out and getting ready for summer and if that works out; run it through spring, summer, fall and once spring comes back again start the next phase. I’m going to be smart and methodical because the worst thing I could do is overdue it and have it be an epic fail and then what am I going to do with all this space and nothing is working.”

“With this wall thing, I was talking to him (Goodman) and I was just like I can’t believe how big this thing is getting and how much people are talking about it, the only thing I regret is not having space for more things,” Circle K General Manager John Heath said. “He’s like ‘let’s do it, let’s knock the wall down and le’ts make it happen.’ I was just like, ‘are you serious?’ and he immediately called a guy to lay out the plans and everything. He’s already got a concept laid out when he moves to phase two and he’s more than ready for it.” Goodman said that the overall goal for the grocery store is to be of service to the community.

“They are moving the bus stop onto my property and changing the schedule so people can come and do their shopping,” said Goodman. “I’ve got the city behind us and the community behind us, we have a suggestion sheet that’s on the counter for people to put items down that they would like to have in the store.”

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