The K Street underpass bridge remains closed following an accident earlier this year when the bridge was struck by a large truck. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Colorado River Station hopes that flashing “low bridge” warning signs will reduce the number of vehicles that hit the underpass bridge.

NEEDLES — The ongoing saga of motorists running into the K Street Underpass made its presence in the Needles City Council meeting on March 10.

“On Feb. 26, we were contacted by (San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Colorado River Station) Sgt. Pat Murch because another U-Haul was stuck underneath the underpass,” said Patrick Martinez, city development director. “He had reached out with his captain and concluded that it was time to be able to present a different alternative. This is an alternative that was brought forward.”

The alternative that was brought forward to the council was installing a flashing “low bridge” warning sing on both sides of the K Street underpass.

“We are hoping that they are going to have the same results as we have had on Lilyhill Road, Bailey Avenue and Broadway with the flashing stop signs,” said Martinez.

The cost of the flashing “low bridge” warning sign will not exceed $3,260.36 and the work will be completed by the city’s department of public works crew. The project will be funded by the COPS AB 3229 Supplemental Fund.

Councilor Timothy Terral asked if the flashing signs could be placed on the actual bridge itself rather than off to the side.

“I don’t think we can put it on the bridge because that belongs to the BNSF but once it gets here, we will work in the best possible spot,” said Murch. “This sign probably will not stop it but it will probably reduce it and that’s our goal is to reduce it.”

The city council approved the flashing low bridge warning signs to go on both sides of the K Street underpass bridge.

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I think this was proposed before the latest incident. What happened? Looks like a torch was used to cut a section of the beam, and the right side concrete footing is damaged. Looks like it may be permanently closed this time!

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