NEEDLES — There are four seats on the Needles City Council up for re-election on Nov. 3. They are for mayor (Jeff Williams), a two-year term and three council member seats (Councilors Tona Belt, Shawn Gudmundson and Louise Evans), four-year terms.

To be on the ballot in November, 20 signatures are required but Dale Jones, Needles city clerk, said that she recommends people secure 30 signatures just in case.

The fee charged is $25 payable to the City of Needles for the process of filing of candidate nomination papers.

The nomination period for the offices began on July 13 and closes on Aug. 7 at 4 p.m.

If nomination papers for an incumbent office of the city are not filed by Aug. 7, the voters shall have until the 83rd day before the election, Aug. 12, before 4 p.m., to nominate candidates other than the person(s) who are the incumbents on the 88th day before the election, for that incumbent’s elective office.

The extension is not applicable where there is no incumbent eligible to be elected.

“The candidate must call my office and make an appointment to pull the nomination papers so I can review everything with them,” said Jones.

The things that Jones will need to go over people who want to run for council are nomination paper; candidate’s statement form, information and guidelines; Resolution 6-27- 06-5 adopting regulations for candidates for elective office pertaining to candidate statements — approximate cost $147 (required at time of filing nomination papers). Ballot designation guide and worksheet; Form 700 — Statement of Economic Interest; Form 501 — Candidate Intention Statement; Code of Fair Campaign Practices — Oath; Form 470 — Candidate Campaign Statement; Mass mailing information and The City of Needles Temporary Non-Commercial Sign Policy.

For more information or to start the pro- cess, contact Jones at 760-326-2113, ext. 145.

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