Jim Hinckley

Jim Hinckley shows off some of his several books at a Route 66 event in the El Garces last year.

NEEDLES — Get advance tickets for a Feb. 7 address on the origins and history of Route 66 now at the Needles Regional Museum.

In ‘Route 66 in the Southwest’ Jim Hinckley: author, photographer, lecturer and one of the Mother Road’s better known spokesmen describes the famous route’s colorful history, including “camel caravans, pioneering motorists such as Edsel Ford, and the transformation of a highway signed with two sixes into an icon,” according to a museum announcement.

Hinckley has visited the Needles area many times over the years, especially during various Route 66 events, and has helped promote the area as a vital part of the tradition of travel along its near-3,000 mile length. He had a table set up with books and other Route 66 items during the California Historic Route 66 Association meeting in the El Garces last February.

A promotional piece circulated by the museum describes Hinckley as the author of 18 books on topics as diverse as the Ghost Towns of Route 66 and Illustrated History of the Checker Cab Manufacturing Company. “Jim Hinckley’s America (is) a multifaceted project that includes guide books, tour development, the blog ‘Route 66 Chronicles’ and a lecture series,” the piece continues.

The event begins at 5 p.m. PST in the El Garces intermodal transportation facility; Needles’ historic Harvey House along an original alignment of Route 66 at 950 Front St. Admission is $5. Seating is limited. Dessert and coffee will be served.

Visit the Needles Regional Museum right across the street at 929 Front St. between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. PST Monday through Saturday. Call 760-326-5678; send email to needlesmuseum@frontiernet.net; visit http://needlesregionalmuseum.org/

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