Water pipe

Workers scramble to replace a water pipe that blew out at the city of Needles yard earlier this year near River’s Edge Golf Course. The pipe’s failure interrupted service to many parts of the city for the second day, after a major leak closed Interstate 40.

NEEDLES — When the 20-foot section of 16-inch steel distribution water main pipe ruptured (located on the D Street bridge above Interstate 40) on Jan. 24, the city of Needles quickly coupled a new section of pipe on the adjacent pipe using camps as a temporary solution.

City staff said that once those clamps were in place, it resulted in an additional 24 leaks throughout the distribution systems. The city said that temporary coupling is not expected to be a permanent solution.

The solution that the city came up with is to add poly wrap and cathodic protection for this segment.

City staff stated that the city’s engineer said he believes the lack of cathodic protection is the cause of the corrosion that caused the failure in the mainline. To do this work safely, approximately, 1,560 feet of 12-inch diameter PVC pipe will be installed in the existing right-of-way to provide an alternate route for water during the repair.

The cost to install the 1,560 feet of 12-inch diameter PVC pipe is $350,235 which breaks down into categories such as 12-inch PVC C-900 Waterline Segment 1, $187,200; expose and inspect pipe connection on the north end, $3,500; clean and re-coat exposed 16-inch welded pipe outside of bridge casing, $4,000; X-ray inspection of existing pipe, $3,500 and more. 

The new segment of 12-inch diameter PVC pipe is to be placed from around Smith Road to Ice Plant Road.

City staff said that the deputy director for the State Water Resource Control Board approved $350,235 in grant funding to the city for the distribution repair pipeline project.

The city council approved to authorize entering into a funding agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board.

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