Ghostly presence

Ghostly nurse (Pat Fuller) makes her presence known to visitors during the Haunted House last fall. The house, owned by Mayor Ed Paget M.D., and his wife, Jan, was investigated by Route 66 Paranormal Investigators Jan. 23 and again Feb. 13. A reveal was held Feb. 21. A door swung open during the interview, perhaps to provide atmosphere and to get the investigation started early.

NEEDLES — The Route 66 Paranormal Investigators took an opportunity to investigate the “Green House,” at 517 K St., Jan. 23.

The Green House has a long history in Needles. It is currently owned by Mayor Ed Paget and his wife, Jan.

Lyle Sharman, lead investigator, said the group has two parts - the Route 66 Paranormal Investigations and the Paranormal Homicide Investigations. Both are the same group of people.

Sharman said there was a lot of excitement leading up to being able to investigate the Green House. The group is based out of Mohave Valley and so he and crew members know of all the stories, the rumors about the house, he continued.

There are a lot of people and groups who want to come into this house and investigate, Sharman said. He noted he believed he and his crew are the first professional group to investigate it.

The paranormal group has been gaining their own popularity in the time they’ve been working together, Sharman said. Their Facebook page has more than 3,000 likes; the website has been visited more than 26,000 times.

He believes some of the popularity, of course, is due to the high interest in paranormal investigations. Television shows have helped create a market for it.

The popularity is also due to their level of professionalism, Sharman said. The group operates under his private investigator’s license and with that they are able to provide some reassurance for clients that the paranormal group is trained and professional, he continued.

They have performed around 47 investigations, he said. Their investigations include the Grand Canyon Caverns, the Brunswick Hotel in Kingman, Ariz., Grasshopper Junction, Ariz., and even the infamous Birdcage Theater in Tombstone, Ariz.

When investigating a house or other location, Sharman said he and his group use much of the same equipment that can be seen on television shows such as SyFy’s “Ghost Hunters” or Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures.”

Sharman’s group uses infrared cameras, night vision equipment and digital recorders.

In reality, fancy equipment isn’t needed to do an investigation, he said. Cameras, digital voice recorders, video recorders and a few other pieces of equipment will work fine.

Sharman called investigating “addicting.” Once a person gets in and starts to have personal experiences but also captures evidence, it’s hard to not want to keep investigating, he said.

He recalled a number of experiences he’s had during investigations. He said the Birdcage in Tombstone was one of the more interesting places he’s been.

Sharman talked about several instances of physical contact on investigations. He’s been scratched, touched and more while investigating, he said.

While he appreciates the “debunk” approach some paranormal investigators take, that’s not the approach he and his group are interested in, he said. The problem with debunking is then everything can be debunked, he continued.

Neither he nor crew members assume every creak in the floorboards or moving door indicates paranormal activity but they also don’t try and make it out to be nothing, Sharman said.

The goal is to gather factual evidence based on experience, he said. Just like a criminal investigation, facts and evidence are gathered and those are the determining factors if a location is haunted or not, he continued.

While a location may not end up producing evidence for one investigation, the group isn’t likely to label that place as not haunted, at least not immediately, Sharman said. Ghosts don’t work on command so one “bad” night doesn’t mean there isn’t activity, he continued.

He said he feels there are three types of people: those who don’t believe in anything; those who are open minded and those who know for a fact that there are ghosts.

Sharman fell in the middle category for a long time, he said. After he began investigating, that all changed. Now he knows for a fact they exist, he added.

Because the investigation goes all night and there are several pieces of equipment used, it may take several days or a week to comb through all the information gathered, Sharman said.

A meet’n’greet for those interested in the paranormal was held Feb. 21. Sharman said any evidence gathered was to be revealed to the owners on the same day.

He recommended watching the group’s Facebook page and website for details.

The group can be found at or on Facebook by searching for Route 66 Paranormal Investigations.

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