Martha’s Pantry

Debbie’s Dispensary and Mohave Cannabis Co. donated $2,500 to Martha’s Pantry in Needles. Pictured in the front are Teresa Thompson, left, and Jean McDonald, Martha’s Pantry coordinator, and holding the check are Debbie Hunter, left, and Curtis Devine.

NEEDLES — Debbie’s Dispensary and Mohave Cannabis Co. have donated $2,500 to Martha’s Pantry in Needles.

“Because we are so far away from the county seat, it’s harder for us to get county and government funding unlike a lot of ministries who are close that serve the homeless and underserved,” said Sharon Bowling, of Martha’s Pantry. “If we can’t get a donation like this then we have to shut down especially in a time like COVID. “We can’t gather indoors so we can’t be in church so we don’t have parishioners’ funds so this helps us. It’s huge in keeping us helping the homeless.”

Martha's Pantry was started in 2008 when Teresa Thompson helped a young couple. 

"She suggested them to go to St. Vincent de Paul and they said that they had gone but it was closed," said Jean McDonald, Martha's Pantry coordinator. "So she went home and made lunch­es and brought them back to them. So she talked to the priest at the time that this would be a good ministry to start and that's how it got started." 

Curtis Devine, from Debbie's Dispensary and Mohave Canna­bis Co., said that their business model always has been to make donations to nonprofits. 

"2019 was a particularly rough year for us we had some snags in our business and we didn't do as much as we wanted to do," said Devine. "We are back on track in 2020, business is good and we understand that a lot of people are having trouble with COVID and things like that. As we con­tinue to have success, we want to give back to the communities that we grew up in. We used to get this type of service when we were kids and it's helpful to people who can't afford to feed their families. So it's been a goal and a top priority to give back to the community and that's why were are here and we are happy to do it." 

Martha's Pantry provides lunches Wednesdays and Thurs­days at 218 D Street.


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