NEEDLES — The Needles City Council is going to be meeting today (Friday) to review plans for managing the anticipated crowds at Jack Smith Park following the announcement earlier this week that Bullhead City will be closing its parks and boat launches on weekends, starting immediately.

City Manager Rick Daniels said he expected the Needles riverfront park to see a significant increase in use in light of the ongoing closure of tribal beaches and Bullhead City Mayor Tom Brady’s recent proclamation closing both Community Park and Rotary Park — and the boat launches at both — on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

In preparation, the city council will review and may revise the city manager’s plan of action which includes the following:

Additional law enforcement by the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office; additional code enforcement for assistance and parking enforcement; additional and more frequent parks department personnel to maintain the restrooms and remove garbage; additional recreation department staffing at the boat launch and parking toll booth; setting a maximum park limit beyond which additional parking will not be allowed at Jack Smith Park; and improved channelization of traffic approaching and processing launch and parking toll both by the public works department.

The council also will consider limiting launches to those boats with an annual pass and stop the sale of daily passes.

“This possible significant increase in visitors must be properly managed by city staff,” Mayor Jeff Williams said. “The city is taking every imaginable measure to accommodate our neighbors seeking relief from beginning confined at home and/or unemployment. People need the relief provided by being in nature, breathing fresh air and taking in the sun. I strongly encourage them to do so using the commonly known COVID-19 prevention health precautions of washing hands frequently, social distancing, face coverings and avoiding crowds.”


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How about you just close the park and send a message to the rest of California to stay home and not come here, invade the area making others sick and taking sickness back to your areas. Its a simple solution Needles, so get with the program.

Desert Bat

Jack Smith park? That sounds so 'white'. Anyone taking bets that before long pressure will build to rename it.....say, George Floyd Park, Congo West park, even Free Stuff Park? City fathers might be averse to erecting a statue at the re-named park, but not to worry if it's culturally appropriate - I could suggest that of a black former protest leader during the Vietnam War era holding the millions in Government payoff he took for his future silence.

NANA 5150

Sick of for profit taking over our best interests. Over here on the southwest side of the bridge, they pack in like Sardines every day. They leave a mass of garbage, filth and broken glass for the local kids to step on. How about posting some of your resources there? For us that actually live here? City Council being sooo conducive and compassionate of the plight over no sunshine of nature relief needed from being stuck in their homes. Well on this side of town that frequently gets overlooked, are constantly driven from our beloved river covid or the filthy pigs that disrespect out Nature daily! YEAR ROUND. Just say it..only the for print areas get the resources and the ones who can pay get the relief..poor babies..anyone else feel this way? I'm done cleaning up a mess before I can bring them to the water, and now with disease everywhere, we can't anyway because among so much other B.S., social distancing is a joke.

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