Headed to Southern Utah University

Needles High School Seniors earn scholarships to Southern Utah University, presented during the 2019 Needles High School Awards Night. Pictured left to right are Paige Murch, Cameron Chambers, Taylor Lewis, Kameron Ostby, and Tyler Thomas. Not pictured is Michael Necochea.

NEEDLES – Towards the end of each school year, Needles High School hosts their annual awards program which recognizes students for their achievements during the school year and their community supporters.

During the program, various seniors from NHS were awarded scholarships. The Class of 2019 earned nearly $2.5 million in four-year scholarship commitments.

Appointment to the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs went to Ryly Payson; the school’s first female to attend a military academy.

United States Army Awards went to Trevyn Diaz, Erin Breaux and Dillon Horn.

The United Blood Services Scholarship went to Ally Pletcher.

The Needles Rodeo Association Scholarship went to Christian Zuniga and Isaias Acosta.

The BPO Elks Lodge 1608 Scholarship award went to Morgan and Madison Phillips.

The CSEA Needles Chapter 22 Scholarship went to Tyler Thomas.

The Flip Mendez in memory of Lynne Haver scholarship went to Paige Murch and Tyler Weiss.

The Sunrise Rotary Club of Fort Mohave Scholarship went to Mandy Zubiate.

The Needles Women’s Club Scholarship went to Paige Murch.

The Daniel J. Goldman Memorial Scholarship went to Tyler Weiss and Paige Murch.

The Rudy L. Bryan Memorial Scholarship went to Ma’Kennah Jackson.

The Southern Utah University’s Western Undergraduate Exchange Scholarship went to Tyler Thomas, Paige Murch, Taylor Lewis, Kameron Ostby, Cameron Chambers and Michael Necochea.

The Pi-Epsilon Sorority Scholarship went to Morgan and Madison Phillips.

The Robert Chesney Scholarship went to Paige Murch.

The Schools First Federal Credit Union Worthy Student Scholarship went to Paige Murch and Drake Sandate.

The California Association of Latino Superintendents and Administrators Scholarship went to Isaias Acosta.

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