NEEDLES — Due to the fact that Needles Unified School District is in San Bernardino County, the NUSD has to open school online until San Bernardino County can get out of the state’s watch list.

Because of this, the NUSD is going to begin the school year on Aug. 17 with Plan D: Distance Learning for 100% of students.

The structure that the NUSD has put forward for Plan D is the following:

• Transitional  kindergarten  through fifth grade: students will be assigned a teacher from their “home” school site. The teacher will meet virtually daily with their student and provide real-time instruction in a minimum of six subject areas (language arts, math, social studies, science, art/music, physical education) throughout the week. Grade levels by school site will develop a schedule for realtime online instruction and assignments to meet the daily instructional minute’s requirement.

Teachers will provide instruction to the whole class, small groups and individual intervention daily. Teachers will establish daily office hours as part of their normal workday hours to assist students, answer questions and respond to emails. All teachers at the sites will publish a daily schedule for synchronous learning and develop a routine for students. This schedule will be approved by the principal, superintendent and board of trustees. This schedule will be posted on the teacher’s website to support communication with parents/ guardians.

• Sixth  through  12th  grades:  Students will be assigned a minimum of six courses on a master schedule by subject, grade level and program needs. Teacher online lessons will be assigned based on the student’s class schedule. All classes will meet daily for online live classes. Some coursework will be completed online while other work will be taught through distance learning during the normal school day. Assignments will be turned in via Google Classroom or the curriculum program’s website.

Other items that affect TK through 12th grades in the Plan D: Distance Learning program.

• Attendance  will  be  taken  daily  on  AERIES,  assignments  will  be  graded  and  teachers will work from their classrooms.

• Professional development will be provided   to  all  instructional  staff  in  Google  Classroom and the district’s selected curriculum  program.

• Before  the  beginning  of  each  week,  administrators  will  have  access  to  each  Google  Classroom,  teachers’  Zoom/ Google meets schedules and other information  as necessary to support students  and teachers.

• Meal distribution will take place daily.  Schedules still are being developed.

• Chromebooks  will  be  provided  to  all  students.  Hot  spots  will  be  provided  to  families.

• Community  COVID-19  data  will  be  tracked  to  determine  when  NUSD  can  transition between scenarios.

This  plan  will  be  updated  regularly  to  include  the  most  recent  guidance  from the California Department of Health, San  Bernardino  County  Department  ofHealth,  Centers  for  Disease  Control  and  Prevention and California Department ofEducation. The NUSD Board of Trustees is to vote  on  this  plan  during  their  special  board meeting on Aug. 4.

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