Needles resident Raquel Bravo performs one of her daily chores, bringing in and taking out the trash and recycling bins. With the Republic Services change of having both the recycling and solid waste bins being picked up the same day, the chore got a lot easier to remember. The change in schedule and routes takes effect Sept. 1.

NEEDLES – Republic Services is changing its solid waste and recycling pickup routes in the city of Needles to be made effective Sept. 1, 2020.

Background information provided by city staff states that Republic Services seeks to combine the days that waste and recyclables are collected. Based on their experience in other communities, the combined collection increases recycling amounts.

Currently, solid waste is collected on Monday for all accounts south of I-40 and Tuesday for north of I-49 and the recycling containers are collected on Thursday for south of I-40 and Friday for north of I-40 customers. The collection changes are Monday, Vista area; Tuesday, River Road area; Thursday, Broadway area; Friday, Gates and Bridge area.

The change in routes is to collect all residential and business 95-gallon carts on the same day and all 95-gallon carts collection dates will remain unchanged.

The background information stated that the benefits of collecting both the solid waste and recycling containers in one day are. Smaller routes mean more consistent, quality customer service; Reduction in contamination; Smaller service areas lessen safety risks for the customer and driver; Customers only have to manage solid waste and recycling containers one day a week; Increases efficiency due to a small footprint.

A question arose during the city council meeting of how far apart the recycling and solid waste 95-gallon carts need to be picked up. A representative from Republic Services told the council that the 95-gallon carts need to be a minimum of 4-feet apart for the mechanical arm to pick them up and not get one of the carts to get knocked over.

The city council accepted the proposed 95-gallon cart residential and business collection route changes during its meeting on July 14.

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