Kade Odell

Kade Odell, 14, rips through the 100 yard individual medley event in the Sandsharks; 2019 opener. He and Madeline Keller, 10, won every event they entered to score a perfect 25 points each.

NEEDLES — The Sandsharks swim team handed Bullhead City’s Barracudas an 81 point loss in the season-opener at the Needles Aquatic Center June 1.

Exclusive of relays, Needles’ boys barely beat the Barracudas: 137 to 133. The lady ’Sharks posted a more substantial 159 to 110. The ’Cudas could only find one win in the relays: the mixed 100 yard free relay for ages seven and eight. Needles’ teams swam unopposed in the event for ages six and under; and placed first for ages nine and 10; 11 and 12; first and second for ages 13 and 14; and first for 15 through 18 for a total score of 331 to Bullhead’s 250.

Madeline Keller, 10, and Kade Odell, 14, won every event they entered for the Sandsharks; capturing 25 points each.

Caela Castillo, 18, Lincoln Jones, 11, and Joslyn Jones, 8, went 4-for-5 to earn 23 points each.

Drake Castillo, 9, won three, adding a second and a third to total 19 points.

Makenna Castillo, 12, won three and added a second and a fifth for 18 points.

Leah Smith, 6, showed the power of consistent second place finishes: four at three points each plus a win that added five for a total of 17 points.

Layton DeLeon, one of the ’Sharks youngest competitors at five years old, won the breast stroke, finished second in the individual medley, butterfly and freestyle, and third in the back stroke to pile up 15 points.

Steven Rabanales, 8, picked up 14 points on three seconds, a first and a fourth.

Jase Harris, 17, won one, and added two seconds and two thirds to total 13.

Jorja Zirkle, 14, won the freestyle event, placed second in the breast stroke and individual medley, third in the ’fly and sixth in the to score a dozen points.

Micah McKay, 10, scored 12 on a win, two seconds, a third and a fifth. Serenity Pena, 8, matched him.

Corbin Smith, 6, took a first, a second, two thirds and a fourth for 10 points.

Hannella McKay, 13, added seven points on second and third place finishes.

Teagan Jones, 13, won the back stroke and added a third in the breast stroke to add six points. Ella Delacruz, 9, added six points on two seconds.

Tanner Pletcher, 12, finished third in all five of his events; a critical five points in a meet the boys, collectively, won by four.

Lacey Goetz, 5, entered four events and placed third each time for four Sandshark points.

The ’Sharks dive into the Barracudas’ tank at 8 a.m. Saturday, June 8, for the Bullhead City Invitational.

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