NEEDLES — Appointments to the Needles Unified School District Board of Trustees were delayed from the announced Aug. 20 special session and now will involve filling three seats: it was announced in the agenda for the Aug. 27 regular session that Board President John Paul Lusk resigned effective July 30.

The public session of the Aug. 27 meeting is to begin at 6 p.m. in the board room inside the NUSD Support Office on Erin Drive in Needles.

District Superintendent Mary McNeil, Ph.D., explained Aug. 20 that a potential candidate for Area 3, the territory around Parker Dam, Iron Mountain, Big River and Havasu Landing; could not attend that day and that a potential candidate for Area 1, around Amboy, Essex and Goffs, had withdrawn. Filling Lusk’s seat from Area 2, in the city of Needles, is to be discussed Aug. 27 and presumably may be filled by provisional appointment as had been planned for the other two.

Other items for board consideration appearing on the 20-plus-item agenda for Aug 27 include:

• Teacher credentialing and assignments for Kobee McCorkle, as a teacher at Needles High School; and Elizabeth Sanchez, as a student teacher at Vista Colorado Elementary School. Both are NHS alumni.

• Contacts with various associations and service providers including Dr. Kegham Tashjian for governance workshops; San Bernardino County District Advocates for Better Schools; the California School Boards Association and Education Legal Alliance; Ed Join for advertisement of vacant positions; Lifetouch Photography for student portraits; Advancement Via Individual Determination E-tutor agreements with Paige Murch, Preslee Murch and Regan Paget, all NHS alumni; lnnovateEd of Grass Valley, Calif., to support increased performance in student achievement; Cityspan Technologies Inc. of Berkeley, Calif., for licensing of software and user support; Apex Learning of Seattle, Wash., for a digital learning curriculum and services; and School Services of California Inc. of Sacramento for assistance regarding issues of school finance, legislation, school budgeting and general fiscal issues.

• Memorandums of understanding with California School Employees Association Needles Chapter 22 for an increase in assigned work hours for two classified employees; and with the Needles Teachers Association specifying delivery of a list of all vacancies and new positions occurring during the school year and for the following school year upon knowledge of the vacancies.

• Setting dates and locations for school board meetings in September and October. Dr. McNeil’s recommendation is to change the September meeting, currently scheduled for Sept. 10 at Chemehuevi Valley Elementary School, to Sept. 17 at the district support office in Needles; and holding the October meeting at CES on Oct. 22.

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