NEEDLES – The Needles Unified School District has developed six policies regarding Native American policies and procedures.

Background information states that the NUSD will consult with local tribes and parents of Native American children in the planning and development of Native American Policies and Procedures (IPPs), general education programs and activities.

Policy 1: Local Educational Agency Accountability Report Card (LEA) will disseminate relevant applications, evaluation, program plans and information related to the LEA’s education program and activities with sufficient advance notice to allow tribes and parents of Indian children the opportunity to review and make recommendations.

To be able to meet the policy, the superintendent or designee in consultation with the Native American Education Committee shall appoint an administrator as coordinator of Native American Education.

Policy 2: The NUSD will provide an opportunity for the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe, Chemehuevi Indian Tribe and parents of Native American children to provide their views on the district’s educational program and activities, including recommendations on the needs of their children and how the district may help those children realize the benefits of the educational programs and activities.

To be able to meet the policy, the NUSD has developed a couple of different procedures. A couple of the procedures are to survey Native American Families and local Tribes on the needs of Native American children, included will be information regarding the membership of the Native American Education Committee; Parents of Native American children will be given notice of all meetings related to the content of the education program a minimum of 72 hours before the scheduled meeting and more.

Policy 3: The NUSD will, at least annually, assess the extent to which Indian Children participate on an equal basis with non-Indian children in the district’s education program and activities.

Some of the procedures to be able to meet Policy 3 that the NUSD developed are NUSD shall annually assess the extent to which Native American Children participate on an equal basis with non-Native American children in the participation of NUSD’s educational and extracurricular programs through enrollment records and rosters, The NUSD will share its assessment of Native American student participation compared to non-Native American participating in all academic and extracurricular activities and any other related data with parents.

Policy 4: The NUSD will modify the Native American polices and procedures (if necessary, based upon the results of any assessment or input described in this document).

The procedure developed by the NUSD states that the NUSD, at a regularly scheduled Board of Trustees meeting in October, will discuss the content of the Native American IPPs, equal participation and educational programs and activities. Parents of Native American students and Tribal and community members will be notified via email and telephone regarding the meetings and their ability to submit content.

Policy 5: The NUSD will respond at least annually in writing to comments and recommendations made by tribes of Indian children, and disseminate the responses to the tribe and parents of Indian children before the submission of the IPPs by the LEA.

One of the procedures states that the NUSD will annually keep track and assemble all comments and suggestions received through the various the consultation process by ensuring that the minutes of all the Native American Education Committee meetings and NUSD Board of Trustee meetings capture all comments, questions and concerns raised through the consultation process. The other states that the NUSD will share the written responses to the tribes by sending a summary to parents with instructions on how to obtain the entire document via the student or on the NUSD website.

Policy 6: The NUSD will provide a copy of IPPs annually to the affected tribe or tribes.

The procedure states that the NUSD will annually provide a copy of the current Indian Policies and Procedures to the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe and Chemehuevi Indian Tribe by email and US Mail before submitting the Impact Aid Application.

The NUSD Board of Trustees approved the Indian Policies and Procedures during their regular meeting on Aug. 18.

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