Shannon Grove

Shannon Grove, Republican candidate for the 16th Senate District, speaks to the citizens of Needles on Oct. 22 in the El Garces.

NEEDLES —Shannon Grove, Republican candidate for the 16th Senate District, spoke to citizens of Needles on Oct. 22 in the El Garces.

California voters can contact Grove by phone at 661-327-4141 and 661-817-3243 or visit

Grove opened by talking a little bit about her.

“I have been a business owner in the state for 25 years,” said Grove. “I own a temporary staffing company and I have the best job in the world because I get to give people an opportunity to provide for their family. I served in the United States Army and served at Headquarters Company 5th Corps in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m the first female veteran to serve in the state capitol on the assembly side and if elected will be the first female veteran to serve in the senate in California,” Grove continued. “I’m very conservative fiscally and socially and that resonates well with some and doesn’t with others.”

Grove was asked what are some of the most critical laws affecting California. Grove answered that a bill was passed called the Private Attorneys General Act or PAGA. She stated that it is legalizing modern day extortion from business owners. Another issue that Grove stated she plans on working on is water, water infrastructure and federal water projects.

On her immigration stance, Grove answered that she believes that this country is a county of immigrants but there is a right way to come into the country. She stated that the federal government should provide better immigration services.

On her stance between charter and public school, Grove answered that she supports charter schools and a parent’s right to choose education. She stated competition is good whether a school is in the public sector or in the private sector. Grove stated that she also supports homeschooling.

On her stance of marijuana Grove answered that she supports medical marijuana but she doesn’t support adult-use marijuana. Grove stated that she understands the city’s issue about getting revenue but she stated that there has to be a balance.

On how Grove can help keep the electric rates down and even go lower in California, she stated that some people who are elected to office despise the energy industry.

“We have to either change their minds or unseat them and let those people with an all of the above attitude take that seat,” said Grove.

On how she would work with the Democratic senators Grove stated that she has great relationships with a lot of the legislators. Grove said that the biggest testament was when Democratic legislators stood up and spoke on her behalf when she termed out as a legislator.

“I’ll always be accessible, I’ll work hard and I’ll always try to come up with solutions that will help solve issues that are going on here in Needles,” said Grove.

Grove faces Needles resident Ruth Musser-Lopez, a Democrat, in the Nov. 6 statewide general election.

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