Lincoln Jones

Lincoln Jones sharks through the water during the 2019 season opener at the Needles Aquatic Center.

NEEDLES — An event hosted by Bullhead City’s Barracudas swim team June 22 was short on wins but long on fun for Needles’ Sandsharks.

“This was a fun meet,” commented Sandsharks statistician Marisha Castillo. “All age groups swam 25 meter events only. There were record ‘setters’ in all age groups because this is the first time the older age groups swam only one lap.

“We also swam a 150 meter relay where one swimmer from each age group swam a lap, so kids ages six through 18 were all on one relay team. We swam a T-shirt relay where the swimmer had to swim with an over-sized T-shirt, then get out of the pool and give the shirt to the next swimmer in the relay.

“We also swam a feet-first relay where the swimmers had to swim with their feet in front of them. It was a lot of fun to switch things up.”

The ’Cudas claimed the highest points total at the end of the day with 360, mostly due to their boys who outswam the ’Sharks 159 to 93. The Lady ’Cudas scored 127, the Lady ’Sharks 125.

In individual rankings sorted by gender and age group Bullhead’s swimmers finished in first place eight times, Needles’ swimmers three, though they had enough second and third place finishes to keep the numbers close most of the time.

Joslyn Jones, 8, swept her events for a score of 20; Needles’ Serenity Pena finished second with nine. Lincoln Jones, 11, tied Bullhead’s Kingzten Bristol, also 11, with 14 points each. Kade O’Dell, 14, and Jase Harris, 17, finished one and two in the boy’s 13 through 18 class.

Among those filling out the ’Sharks’ score card were Lacey Goetz, age five, with 10 points and Sophia Schaffer, age six, with six points. Corbin Smith, age six, added 10 with a second place in his age group; Layton DeLeon, age five, finished third to add eight.

Ella DeLacruz, nine, won a hotly-contested class with 11 points.

The ’Sharks held their annual fundraiser, the 24-hour marathon Swim-a-Rama, June 28 and 29. They host Summerlin at the Needles Aquatic Center along J Street on Saturday, July 6. Competition starts at 8 a.m.

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