Ally Pletcher

Individual Sandsharks team swimmers and families swim a total of 12,406 laps in the Needles Aquatic Center which translates to 172 miles in 24 hours. Pictured is Ally Pletcher, one of the more experienced ’Sharks swimmers, who took it to the next level by swimming 13 miles during the Swim-a-Rama.

NEEDLES — The goal was substantial. The actual result was amazing.

The Needles Sandsharks swim team set out to log 100 miles during their Swim-a-Rama fundraiser July 28-29 at the Needles Aquatic Center. By the time all the laps were counted and converted into miles, the ’Sharks had logged 172 miles in the 24-hour water marathon.

According to team officials, ’Sharks swimmers who participated in the 5 o’clock group (advanced team) were required to swim five miles and sign up for a family session. Swimmers in the 4 o’clock group were required to swim with their family and had the option of swimming up to one mile.

Each age range had different required minimum miles that they had to reach during the Swim-a-Rama. If those requirements aren’t hit, their laps couldn’t be included in the total.

The minimum miles required were: age 6 and under, no minimum requirement; 7-8, 1 mile required; 9-10, 2 mile; 11-12, 3 miles; 13-14, 4 miles; and 15-18, 5 miles required.

Ashley DeLeon, ’Sharks swim coach, said the families who participated in the Swim-a-Rama swam a total of 2,074 laps which equals 42 miles and 17 laps. ’Sharks team swimmers totaled 9,432 laps — good for 131 miles.

One of the advanced swimmers, Ally Pletcher, had a personal goal of 13 miles; one of the youngest swimmers was going to try to hit the 1-mile mark, DeLeon said.

The Swim-a-Rama is the only fundraiser the ’Sharks put on during the swim season, DeLeon said.

“Some of the things that we are trying to replace are the timing system and it would be really nice to have a scoreboard,” said DeLeon. “However, since this is the biggest fundraiser we have, we leave a good chunk in our general budget to cover the $800 rent for the pool to use during our season.”

For more information on the Sandsharks contact DeLeon at 702-672-0039.

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