NEEDLES — Before the Nevada Interscholastic Actives Association suspended its sports season, the Needles High School Mustangs variety baseball team was able to get a couple of games in during the Route 66 Classic.

“During the whole tournament, we only gave up three runs in four days,” said Ken Parker, Mustangs baseball head coach.

The Mustangs started the tournament with a game against Many Farms High School, winning 14-2.

“We came out swinging right away,” said Parker. “One thing that I was glad that we didn’t do was that at times we have gone out and played not at our level. We came out and the pitching was OK but we went out and did what we needed to do.”

Parker reported that Landon Perrit started pitching in the game then Wyatt Oldewurtel came in to pitch.

The second game of the tournament was against Holbrook High School where the Mustangs won 8-0.

Jacob Chavez pitched the entire game for the Mustangs. He struck out five Holbrook batters.

Even though Chavez gave up some hits, the Mustangs’ defense would be quick on its feet to get the ball and either catch it for the out or prevent runners from advancing.

“The first game really led into the second game, where we just went out and played baseball,” said Parker. 

“Chavez ran into a little bit of trouble but the neat thing about it we are coming back and allowing the defense to make plays for us. And that is OK because we have a really strong defense and we feel confident on every ball hit that we are going to make a play on it.”

Due to weather and accommodations for traveling teams, the Mustangs didn’t play on Friday, March 13, but resumed play on March 14.

The Mustangs started their Saturday games with a 4-1 win over Chino Valley High School and ended the tournament with a 3-0 win over Mohave Accelerated Learning Center.

“Against Chino Valley, it was a 2-1 ball game but we were able to get some runs and win the game,” said Parker. “Dawsen Yeager pitched the game against Chino Valley and he had seven strikeouts, we played great defense and we had an upbeat mentality throughout the game.”

Parker reported that in the second game, Nathan Parker pitched and had nine strikeouts against MALC and the upbeat mentality continued.

“I think both pitchers only walked one batter during the games,” said Parker. “It was a great day to end on if that was the ending but we sure hope not.”

Parker said that the talked to the seniors and told them that if this was the end of their season that they better go all out.

“As a coach and dad I didn’t expect moments to buy cut short and I’m still hopeful that his season has a little left in it,” said Parker.

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