California Historic Route 66 Association visit El Garces

Scott Piotrowski, California Historic Route 66 Association President, greets visitors to an informational event for the Mother Road held Feb. 2 in the El Garces. Piotrowski has the souvenir shop on Santa Monica Pier at the West end of the historic route.

• Feb. 6 - Needles High cheerleaders Ryly Payson and Jadyn Ybarra visited London, England with Varsity Spirit’s All-American Cheerleaders. Mixed curbside recycling containers were described as the most cost-effective for the city. The BLM’s Needles Field Office was to apply for a state off-highway vehicle grant. Mustangs and Lady ’Stangs basketball won NIAA road games against Mountain View and Lincoln County.

• Feb. 13 - Needles High students took first place in a Bullhead City barbecue competition. The Needles Downtown Business Alliance discussed plans and projects. Mustangs basketball ended the regular NIAA season 7-7 with a win over Calvary Chapel; the Lady ’Stangs were to enter the postseason as the south’s No. 1 seed with a 14-0 NIAA record.

• Feb. 20 - The 11th annual Route 66 Hot Boat and Custom Car Show was held. The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe hosted the 21st Ward Valley Spiritual Gathering. The California Association for Local Economic Development declared Needles its 2019 Economic Development Award of Excellence winner. Lady ’Stangs basketball was to enter the postseason against Calvary Chapel after the Lady Lions forced the NIAA to overturn some forfeiture decisions against the team over player eligibility.

• Feb. 27 - Local schools were updating safety plans in line with state mandates. Jose ‘JoJo’ Garcia was recognized for decades of community service. Calvary Chapel eliminated the Lady ’Stangs in the first basketball playoff game.

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