NEEDLES — Mustang varsity basketball head coach J.R. Rodriguez talked about some of the familiar returning players fans will see on the court this season, including the top two scorers from last year’s varsity team: Nathan Rodriguez and Dawsen Yeager.

The boys open their season with the traditional Williams, Ariz., tournament Dec. 5 through 7.

The big guard, Nathan Rodriguez: “He’s long. He’s going to be a mismatch for a lot of teams. He’s taller and quicker than a lot of his opponents.”

Dawsen Yeager: The standout running back and linebacker for Mustang football “is deadly with that three point ball.”

Coming up from the JV is Nathan Chavez. “He’s going to be a huge asset to the team on offense and defense. All three of those guys (Rodriguez, Yeager and Chavez) are tough on offense and defense. And we’ve got some guards that are really great rebounders.”

The coach advised his team will focus rebounding efforts on both ends of the court. “We’re going to rebound as a team then get out and run.”

More varsity returners include:

Ivan Stone: “He’s going to give you 100 percent all the time on the floor. He flies around defensively and makes a lot of things happen on the defensive side. He gives you full energy all the time he’s out there.”

Andre Smith: “Our big man. He rebounds the ball, sets screens really well and passes out of the post. He’s getting more confident offensively. He’s our muscle.”

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