Cleanup on I-40 after flooding closes east bound lanes

A Caltrans truck scrapes mud and debris off east bound lanes of Interstate 40 in Needles Jan. 14. Westbound lanes are open. East bound traffic is being routed off the I-40 at the J Street exit, through town on Broadway and back onto the freeway at the East Broadway interchange. The closure is expected to continue until around 1 p.m. PST.

NEEDLES — A major water leak has flooded the Interstate 40 freeway in downtown Needles, closing the east bound lane and causing damage to surrounding local roads.

East bound traffic is being diverted at J Street and routed through town on Broadway to its interchange with I-40.

Water has been shut off, no additional flooding is occurring, and Caltrans is clearing the freeway of mud and debris. Those emergency measures are expected to be complete and I-40’s east bound lanes reopened around 1 p.m. PST.

Phillips Excavation will begin tearing apart the area near the Lilyhill Drive I-40 overpass where the leak occurred, City Manager Rick Daniels reported. “There is damage to the roads, I don’t think there’s damage to the bridge,” he said.

“The priority right now is to get the freeway back open.

“It will probably take at least a day, maybe two, to do the repairs and get the (surface streets: D Street and Lilyhill Drive) reopened.

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