West Point Auto

The West Point Auto building was one of the seven cannabis cultivation facilities approved during the Needles City Council meeting of Dec. 27. The building, operated by Medical Investor Holdings, is to have a cannabis cultivation and distribution facility, a block/wrought iron fence that will go all the way around the facility and more.

NEEDLES — Applicant Robert Kaplan, representative of Medical Investor Holdings, proposed 5,353 square feet of tentative improvements to a 6,167 square foot L shaped building for a medical marijuana facility to the Needles City Council.

The site at 2103 Needles Highway is currently developed and serves as an automobile services shop, known as West Point Auto.

According to background information provided by city staff, two facilities would be enclosed within the existing building: one for medical marijuana manufacturing, the other for distribution. The manufacturing facility would house an extraction room, two freezer storage rooms, an equipment room, a staff room, a research and development room, an office room, and ADA-compliant bathrooms.

The proposed project would be conditioned to paint over all exposed metal surfaces with an exterior paint color that blends in and matches with the building’s existing exterior paint color. The primary color would be of a muted palette, excluding the use of green, with trim color complimenting the primary exterior color, except themed buildings. Security cameras and an alarm system would be placed on all entry points and around the perimeter exterior of the building. Indoor security cameras would be mounted at each doorway entrance, corner mounted for each room and mounted at opposite ends for each hallway.

Councilors Robert Richardson M.D., and Shawn Gudmundson raised a concern that with the Le Brun Hotel being demolished for a medical marijuana facility it would put the two facilities close together. City staff stated that there’s a block/wrought iron fence that would go all the way around the MIH medical marijuana facility perimeter which would separate both facilities.

During the meeting the city council requested to have a resumption of the elevation plans showing that there would be enhancements along all sides to the building that’s closest to Needles Highway.

The city council approved the facility during their meeting on Dec. 27.

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