KINGMAN — Authorities say they have identified and arrested two suspects who fled an attempted traffic stop Sunday in Fort Mohave after shots were fired at a Mohave County Sheriff’s deputy.

Agency spokeswoman Anita Mortensen said gunfire erupted when the deputy tried to pull over a silver Toyota Rav4 just before noon in the vicinity of South Calle Ranchita and East Camino Viejo. She said authorities allege Casper James Homer, 35, was the driver and that David Thomas Delgado, 37, was the passenger.

“Delgado leaned out the front passenger side window and fired multiple rounds at the deputy, striking his patrol vehicle several times,” Mortensen said. The deputy was not injured.

Mortensen said investigators learned that the suspect vehicle was concealed at Homer’s residence. He was arrested there Tuesday and taken to the Adult Detention Center where he was booked on suspicion of attempted murder, aggravated assault, unlawful flight and criminal damage.

Mortensen said investigators contacted the California Highway Patrol and the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office when it was learned that Delgado may have been traveling to California. She said Delgado and Michael William Ebert, 32, of Mohave Valley, fled on foot after the vehicle they occupied crashed in Barstow at about 9 p.m. Tuesday, at the end of a police pursuit.

Mortensen said Ebert was apprehended quickly and that it was learned that Delgado had fired on police.

“After an extensive search, Delgado was located and taken into custody without incident,” Mortensen said. “This investigation is ongoing.”

Delgado faces the same Arizona charges as Homer, plus a charge of misconduct involving weapons. Mortensen said Delgado also faced theft counts and other charges not associated with the Sunday gunfire.

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socialism now

time for a gun-free society


No such thing as a gun-free society, criminals would get them anyway just like drugs and everything else that creates a black market. CA strict gun laws while having some of the worst gun violence in the nation is due to anti gun laws, only the criminals have guns in public there and taking them away from all innocent citizens makes the criminals comfortable robbing businesses and shooting places up. I lived in CA most my life and moved here due to gun violence, there is no comparison on how much safer it is here in comparison to the constant anxiety in CA of getting shot/killed.

Here in AZ with open carry, it actually protects us all. I've seen robberies happen in my one city in CA everyday for almost a week straight consecutively, people were shot often in just the one city very often. The left likes to blame the guns and not the criminals but that is a mistake as gun laws only take guns away from the citizens that protect us, not the criminals. Criminals want to know no one else has guns, they become confident and gun violence goes up. Don't encourage others to be like CA, that state does nothing but get worse and scary to live in.


As a 30 year veteran military as a Naval Weapons Engineer. I taught everthing from small arms law enforcement tactics to training ships how to fight our enemies. So I can tell you that police, national guard, military, law abiding civilians, and their associated weapons and weapon systems are not our problem. Our problem is the degradation of our Judeo-Christian based legal system. Ongoing IMO.


NO, and we don't defund our police either.

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