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Travers Proulx

KINGMAN — A Superior Court judge on Monday postponed the burglary trial of a Bullhead City man accused of killing his mother.

Travers Wesley Proulx, 44, is charged in a 2018 case with burglary, vehicle theft, taking the identify of another and three counts of forgery.

Proulx is charged with trying to pass a forged check, drawn on the account of a person who was dead, at a Bullhead City bank on Aug. 23, 2018.

According to the probable cause statement, Proulx was arrested at a home on Lakeside Drive after attempting to pass on three different occasions a forged check, altered to be payable to him or one other name, “and presented the check with the intent to defraud the victim who was found deceased on Aug. 10.”

The statement said that one check, for $800, was cashed on Aug. 21. The keys to a car registered to the unnamed deceased person reportedly were found in Proulx’s possession, the statement said.

Proulx also is charged in a new case with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his mother and two counts of threatening or intimidating by domestic violence, charges that involve his actions against other family members. He is being held in custody without bond in the murder case. That case is before Superior Court Judge Doug Camacho.

Because of the seriousness of the murder case, Superior Court Judge Rick Lambert postponed Proulx’s trial in the burglary case to Nov. 13 with a pre-trial hearing set for Oct. 28.

Proulx is accused of stabbing his mother, Bette Jean Vaughn, 74, several times in the early morning hours of Aug. 11 as she sat at her kitchen table.

Vaughn’s husband and son were asleep in another room when they heard her screaming. Her husband found Proulx standing in the hallway with a bloody knife. Vaughn’s son reportedly witnessed Proulx stab her.

Vaughn’s husband and son told police that Proulx threatened them, claiming the Aryan Brotherhood would kill them if they called the police.

Vaughn’s husband and son called police and paramedics after Proulx fled with the knife. An autopsy showed that Vaughn was stabbed three times, once in the back, and twice in the chest. One knife wound nicked an artery, causing Vaughn’s death.

After fleeing the home, Proulx knocked on the door at a neighboring house, but the homeowner wouldn’t let him in. He then went to another house on Gemstone Avenue where a babysitter, who knew Proulx, let him in.

Proulx allegedly told the babysitter that he “stabbed that bitch” several times. The babysitter tried to calm Proulx and let him sleep in one of the bedrooms. She then went to Vaughn’s house and told police where Proulx was.

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