BULLHEAD CITY — There were 127,056 crashes the state of Arizona during 2018, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation in its recently released 2018 Motor Vehicle Crash Facts.

Out of the 127,056 accidents, 1,010 were fatal.

The number of total crashes was down compared to the 2017 statistics, which had 127,805 crashes for the year. However, the total number of fatalities increased from 998 in 2017.

In Mohave County, the 2018 Crash Facts stated that between fatalities, injuries and property damage only, economic loss because of accidents was $701,574,602.

There were a total of 2,975 car crashes in Mohave County in 2018; 39 were fatal, 901 resulted in injury and 2,305 were property damage only. 

Bullhead City accounted for 412 total crashes of which six were fatal, 123 resulted in injury and 283 were property damage only. In the city, 29 crashes were alcohol-related and of those, two resulted in death and 16 in injury.

In Kingman, there were 648 total crashes in 2018; four were fatal, 155 resulted in injury, 489 were property damage only. There were 27 alcohol-related accidents, according to ADOT, with 11 resulting in injury.

In Lake Havasu City, there were 591 crashes in 2018; three were fatal, 189 resulted in injury and 399 were property damage only. There were 48 alcohol-related crashes with one being fatal and 24 resulting in injury.

Some of the categories among the 127,056 crashes statewide: injury, 36,507; alcohol-related, 4,651; pedestrian involved, 1,764; involving a motorcycle, 2,738; multi-vehicle crashes, 108,326.

The peak month for crashes was in October, the peak day for all crashes was Friday and the peak day for fatal crashes was Saturday.

The peak hour for all crashes was between 4 and 5 p.m while the peak hour for fatal crashes was between 8 and 9 p.m.

The most crashes recorded in a day (611) happened on Feb. 14 and the most fatal accidents in a day (10) happened on Oct. 9 and again on Dec. 10.

The peak hour for alcohol-related crashes in 2018 was between 2 and 3 a.m.

Children age 14 and younger accounted for 32 fatalities and 3,134 injuries in motor vehicle crashes.

The Motor Vehicle Crash Facts revealed that approximately 2.77 persons were killed each day in Arizona with one person killed every eight hours and 39 minutes. There were 146 persons injured every day; one person was injured every nine minutes and 51 seconds.

Rural crashes in Arizona (22,652) accounted for 17.83% of all crashes and accounted for 41.48% of all fatal crashes (380) occurring in 2018.

Alcohol-related crashes accounted for 3.66% of all crashes and 26.30% of all fatal crashes. Of all alcohol-related crashes, 79.06% occurred in urban areas and 20.30% occurred in rural areas; 62.40% of all alcohol-related fatal crashes occurred in urban areas and 37.60% occurred in rural areas.

Single-vehicle crashes accounted for 14.74% of all crashes and 32.53% of all fatal crashes. Of all pedestrian crashes, 13.72% were fatal while 1.88% of pedalcycle crashes were fatal.

Motor vehicle crashes resulted in $19.339 billion in economic losses to Arizona, according to ADOT. 

The city with the most number of car crashes in the state was Phoenix with 43,976 in 2018. There were 234 fatal crashes and 11,823 injury accidents. Phoenix reported 1,253 alcohol-related crashes with 86 being fatal and 707 resulting in injury.


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Wile E Coyote

And you still wonder why insurance rates are through the roof?

Hemi Dude

Living in Fort Mohave within shouting distance of Hwy 95 and Aztec Drive, I am not surprised at the numbers. Hwy 95 is the ONLY North/South thoroughfare through the city. Speed limit violation is one of the greatest reasons for many accidents. Just waiting for a green light on Aztec, one will see a car speeding through the intersection when the traffic light for Aztec has already turned green. I for one am disappointed that the plans for a 'Roundabout' at this intersection was turned down. Roundabouts in other parts of the state definitely slow the speed of vehicles passing through. The other concern is the lack of an alternate THROUGH street from Mohave Valley to Bullhead City such as the Parkway. The state planning commission should consider all the costs that this sort of 'lack of planning' for the ever increasing population in out state, with people flocking from California. This will only get worse


It is not just the continued increase in our local traffic that causes more accidents, it is the total disrespect for our traffic laws by those from out of state. We have a lack of traffic enforcement in the first place, ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a Sheriffs Deputy with someone pulled over for speeding or some other traffic violation. Its been a while and its not very often. Those that come into the area from California are the worst, they exhibit a total disrespect for our traffic laws and for others on the Hwy and why not, they know there is not going to be anyone out there enforcing the laws, so top that off with their overall attitudes and guess what, more accidents. Enough is enough.

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