Ben Aleman used anchovies to land these two 1-pound stripers and this considerably larger carp. He was fishing from the shore.

BULLHEAD CITY — Fishing along the Colorado River has slowed just a tad but remains rewarding.

“The shore line at our Community Park is outstanding,” said Rusty Braun, proprietor of Riviera Marina in Bullhead City. “We have some of the best shore fishing and super angling by boat.”

Anchovies are among the best baits for catching stripers in the river. Seems anchovies are pretty good for catching carp, too.

“The striper fishing has slowed a bit but they are out there,” Braun. “So shows our local angler, Ben Aleman.

“He was fishing from the shore and landed a couple of stripers in the 1-pound range — and a large carp. Yep, he was using anchovies and the carp went after this bait.”

Braun said that Aleman told him he planned on giving the carp to a friend; Aleman told him the friend was looking forward to receiving the big fish.

While Aleman proved there still were stripers around and that carp will strike on anchovies, Mike Hill proved there are nice holdover trout waiting to be caught.

Hill was using power bait to land a 1.9-pound, 175⁄8-inch rainbow while fishing from the shore in the lower Big Bend area.

“This trout was a holdover from the recent Game and Fish Department stocking,” Braun said.

The most recent stockings have been about half that size but fish that make it from one season to the next have a tendency to grow a bit over time.

“Our local hatcher — the Willow Beach National Fish Hatchery — will resume stocking,” Braun said, adding “should be on the 20th of October. They usually give us some great rainbow trout, both in size and quantity.”

While striper fishing in the river between Davis Dam and Needles has slowed a bit, the action remains solid at Lake Mohave, Braun said.

“The striper bite is going OK with anchovies and various lures producing a few in the 4- to 8-pound range,” Braun said. “The hard baits are producing a bit better than the soft baits.”

At Topock Marsh, the season is getting ready to change from fishing to hunting.

“Topock Marsh has slowed a bit as they are getting ready for the water fowl hunts,” Braun said. “This time of year, certain areas are closed (to fishing) and only open for hunters.”

Wherever you are fishing, Braun said it is a good idea to be aware of the water levels.

“This time of year, water levels need to be watched closely,” he said. “Davis Dam provides an answer line and a website to monitor the release of the dam generators.”

The Mohave Valley Daily News also publishes the projected release rates and water level daily on its Weather & History page.

If you are having any success and want to share the news with Braun — and the readers of the Mohave Valley Daily News — contact him at Riviera Marina, 520 Riviera Blvd. in Bullhead City, or call him at 928-763-8550.

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