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The works of Bullhead City artist Yvonne Marie Coleman-Quillen are on display at Black Mountain Bistro on Mohave Drive in Bullhead City


BULLHEAD CITY — After going “dark” for two months during the summer, the River Valley Artists Guild is back in the light.

The RVAG’s artist recognition program has returned to the Black Mountain Bistro, currently featuring local artist Yvonne Marie Coleman-Quillen’s work, on display there until this coming Saturday, when the guild will showcase another artist’s work on the walls of the restaurant.

According to her biography, Coleman-Quillen got the bug for painting over 35 years ago when she was in elementary school after watching famed American artist Bob Ross on television. Ross was the host of a show called “The Joy of Painting,” an instructional television program that focused on painting and aired from 1983 to 1994 on PBS.

Coleman-Quillen said she has been painting ever since. A native of Bullhead City, she has travelled all across America and Canada, but has a special fondness for the ocean and much of her works depict that passion. She has a new inspirational artist she follows these days, American artist Robert Wyland, who is renown for his ocean- and sea-related paintings; Coleman-Quillen’s work is similarly themed.

She works in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, charcoals, scratchboard and even icing as a cake artist as well. Her natural talent is based on persistence, according to her bio, and she follows the “practice makes perfect” motto which drives her work. A mother for 23 years now, she became a grandmother last year and now her family is one of the main inspirations that drive her art. Trips with them to national parks have given her much inspiration for her art and that is reflected in much of her work, she said.

Coleman-Quillen’s work can be seen at Black Mountain Bistro, 1595 Mohave Drive in Bullhead City, and on her website at yvonnemarieart. and on her Facebook page at

The River Valley Artists Guild Inc. can be found at www.rivervalleyartist for more information on art in the Bullhead City area.

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