Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson speaks to middle and high school students from Mohave Accelerated Learning Center on Monday about positivity among other things. Johnson is known for being a contestant in the widely popular show “The Bachelorette” as well as “Bachelor in Paradise” which are broadcast on ABC.

BULLHEAD CITY — Meeting a person who participated in reality television is unlikely in Bullhead City, unless you were at Mohave Accelerated Learning Center on Monday.

Mike Johnson, an Air Force veteran and financial adviser from San Antonio, was part of the recent season 15 of “The Bachelorette” which aired on ABC. He also is in the cast of season 6 of “Bachelor in Paradise,” which began airing earlier this month.

He surprised the middle school and high school students and some recognized him right away because of his participation in the popular television show.

Johnson was there to talk about positivity, a little about the show and he took questions from the crowd.

Johnson said that with having a couple hundred thousand followers on Instagram and being in the national spotlight, he deals with internet bullying as everyone has at some point in their life.

“People talk about my grandma and that is a big no-no,” said Johnson. “One thing that I’ve learned to be positive and have self-love (and) to do something really small every single day like set a small goal. Things like passing a test, do good in your classes, or if you’re in sports trying to beat your personal best. Accomplishing those little things will make you feel better about yourself.”

Johnson said that a couple of weeks ago he did an interview and he was asked why it’s important to him to keep family close and have a small social circle.

“When someone talks bad about me, I know that I have a small circle and I don’t need a million people in my circle,” said Johnson. “When I get talked about, sad, bored, pissed off, I just know that I can talk to one person. My little sister can be very rude to me sometimes, but she loves me and I know that she has my back. But the reason why I call my sister, grandmother and mom my queens is because I can always count on them and they always have my back. So whenever I’m not feeling positive, I know that I have someone I can talk to because I have someone that won’t judge me.”

One of the school officials said that MALC is very big on volunteering and asked if Johnson has experiences in volunteering.

“I’m a part of Big Brothers and Big Sisters and I have a ‘little,’ which is what we call it, he’s 16 years old,” said Johnson. “To me, it’s just cool to give back because quite honestly, if I can put a smile on someone else’s face, it will put a smile on my face. Another reason I volunteer is since I’m not their parents, I feel like they can talk to me and they won’t feel judged. That’s why I tell you as well, if ever anyone of you feels sad, you can reach out to me.”

Johnson said that, through the Air Force, he has been able to travel to 30 countries around the world.

“On my Instagram, I say that traveling makes me humble,” said Johnson. “Here in Bullhead City, you have a beach a couple of miles away, you have siblings, parents, grandparents and teachers. I’ve simply learned that other places in the world would love to have what you guys have here. Like it’s ridiculous. They would like to have air conditioning and water so they don’t have to walk 10 to 15 miles to get it,

“In my travels, I learn to stay positive, to be appreciative of what I currently do have, and that I can help somebody else out it in the future.”

One of the questions Johnson was asked: Before he starts filming, what does he do and how does he control his emotions?

“I usually have a speech prepared for this question but I’ll give you the quick answer and that is that I give myself a really good compliment,” said Johnson. “I look in the mirror and say. ‘I’m Mike Johnson’ with force and confidence.”

Johnson was asked if “The Bachelorette” was staged, and he answered by saying no, not at all.

Johnson was asked about being a financial adviser.

“It’s awesome because my money is very good. ..,” said Johnson. “I get to help people from all backgrounds with their finances.”

Johnson was asked what advice would he give to high schoolers

“When you graduate high school, your parents might not like this, but I would say leave the area,” said Johnson. “What I mean by that is do something that is challenging because life is a marathon, not a sprint.”

Johnson was asked how he deals with negative and toxic people.

“What I would say is put yourself in that person’s shoes, then try to take them one-on-one and ask them what’s going on and truly try to see things from their perspective,” said Johnson.

Johnson was asked if he thought his career was on the right path and if he had any regrets on where his life is.

“To be super honest, when I came out of high school I didn’t know what I wanted to do and all I knew was what type of life I wanted,” he said. “I knew that I wanted to be home, I knew I wanted to make stupid amounts of money and I knew I wanted to travel the world.”

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Bob Davison

What a great roll model. Being on a reality TV show is something for which, all kids should strive. smh


Bob Davison But he probably knows which "role" model to use in your sentence.

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