KINGMAN — A Bullhead City woman entered a plea agreement Wednesday involving underage drinking, drunk driving and a collision with another vehicle and a building.

Cali Samson, 21, pleaded guilty to driving under the influence, criminal damage and two aggravated assault charges.

An underage drinking count was dismissed in the deal requiring the court to place Samson on probation for three years.

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Rick Lambert also can order up to 120 days jail time at an Aug. 12 sentencing hearing.

Samson was 20 years old and impaired when the car she was driving struck another vehicle, causing damage to the vehicle and a building in the 1900 block of Highway 95 on May 21. 

Bullhead City police spokeswoman Emily Fromelt said Samson and her passenger were picked up by a friend, Nicholas Valdivia, 29, who was driving a Chevy Tahoe. Fromelt said the Tahoe also crashed at the same location before leaving the scene.

Fromelt said Valdivia and Samson both were arrested after officers stopped the Tahoe on Ramar Road. Two officers suffered minor injuries when a combative and uncooperative Samson struck and scratched them.

Samson is expected to be ordered to pay at least $23,000 in restitution at the August sentencing hearing, provided the agreement is formally accepted by Lambert.

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Wile E Coyote

Probation? Whatever happened to the idea that people who break the law, hurt others or damage property be held accountable for their misdeeds by going to prison for a year or three?

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