Jake Biunno

Jake Biunno

KINGMAN — A Mohave County jury acquitted a Bullhead City man Thursday of both counts of murder for a February 2017 road rage shooting.

Jake Patrick Biunno, 22, was found not guilty of two counts of second-degree murder in the shooting death of Juan Pedro Flores, 33. The two counts were for different theories of the same murder of the victim.

One juror said she didn’t believe the evidence warranted a murder charge and might have found him guilty of manslaughter or a lesser charge. Another juror said the video of the fight between Flores and Biunno’s passenger was a deciding factor. Also, the length of time Flores had Biunno’s friend in a headlock during the fight was a factor in the verdict.

Deputy Mohave County Attorney Ryan Dooley argued Biunno and two passengers encountered Flores on Feb. 20, 2017, at a Bullhead City intersection in the 500 block of Riviera Boulevard. Flores, 33, reportedly was weaving erratically in and out of traffic on his bicycle.

The prosecutor said that Biunno’s passenger, who is much bigger than Flores, got out of the car and began to fight with the shorter Flores. Biunno also got out of the car, then went back to the car and got a .380 Glock handgun and shot Flores twice in the back.

Biunno, his passenger and Biunno’s girlfriend got back in the car and sped away. A witness ended up calling 911. Biunno was arrested two days later at a Mohave Valley convenience store. Biunno’s car was found hidden in his girlfriend’s garage.

Biunno’s attorney, Jake Baldridge, argued that the shooting was a justification defense. Flores’ blood alcohol level was tested at 0.235 percent and he had drugs in his system. 

When Biunno saw Flores put his friend in the headlock, the defendant saw his friend’s face turning purple. Unable to break up the fight, Biunno became scared, grabbed the gun and stopped the attack on his friend, the defense attorney argued.

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John F

"Self defense" when he shot his victim in the back then left the scene of the crime. When he was apprehended by authorities he was attempting to leave the state. Then was acquitted by an all white jury??? I believe this is a slap in the face to the victim family members and most definitely sends the wrong message to the community that someone can kill a person without any consequences to their actions. Was justice really served, I'm just saying!


@John F. I was agreeing with much of what you were saying until "then acquitted by an all white jury". At that point, all your credibility disappeared. Please leave race out of your arguments if you want people to take them seriously.


Where you at the trial I was I am Frank Biunno Jake Biunno Father do you know the facts of the cast, That my son and his friend where going to lunch, And where all at my house early, and there was no drugs or drinking My grand kids were here and Jake older sister Jake is there older uncle we were all having fun and taking photos just like it would be at any other house on a weekend 30 min mins before Juan was dead. Did you know Juan was ridding his bike all over the road hitting cars with his hand and calling them out. his blood B A L was 3 times over the legal limit and had 240mg of meth and weed, Lets get one thing straight I really fell bad for Juan and so dose my son that did 18 month in jail. Juan had a trouble life I really felt sorry for him I was caying many nights for Juan and so was Jake I know my son He never crack a smile in court never smirked and took the stand and would have won even if he did not, Yes he should not have left the seen and I told him that latter. he turned himself in I called him and toll him the police where looking for him nd he said he wanted to turn himself in he said he was scared just like you or me. By you saying he got off you called the jury incompetent the jury did a very good job of making a sound decision, I think if you where on the jury and here all 20 witness and over saw 80 pieces of evidence you might think different. and about the all white jury three were 3 on the jury that where Hispanic picked for the job but because they said it would be a hardship for 8 days. They quit and they were telling the truth it would be hardship for some people for me one time I could not go for hardship. So jus get the facts . God Bless You and Jesus is Lord


Another example of how wrong our legal system can be. As the previous comment stated the defendant left the scene, tried to leave the state and other actions. All signs of knowingly doing something wrong yet common sense does not prevail because of a law that has no justification. The dead cannot defend themselves so what the defendant States in what is believed. Did anybody else Witness the person who started this mess turning blue and is in a life ending situation or is that a afterthought to tell a jury why the defendant shot a person in the back. The person who intervened and started this fight sounds like he was losing the fight, and pride turned to murder. I'm a supporter of anti-immigration pro gun, but here is a prime example of why police are called. Civilians aren't trained on how to diffuse situations like this. I can only hope this defendant suffers for the rest of his life. Apparently he and his buddies.... and God are the only ones who know the truth. It's a injustice that our legal system could not see this. God knows what he did. One day he will face the ultimate judgement.


Facts.. And left my kids and 2 other ones without a father because they could of easily left like they left the scene. Trigger happy is what they were.

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