Raegan Heitzig

Raegan Heitzig

NEEDLES — A body found July 2 along the California shoreline of the Colorado River, south of Blankenship Bend, has been confirmed as that of Raegan Heitzig, who was presumed dead after a head-on boat collision nearly two years ago.

A forensic odontologist was able to identify Heitzig, 26, of Ventura, California, by using her dental records, according to the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department.  

The accident that occurred on Labor Day of 2018 in the river in Topock Marsh left three other people dead and nine people injured.

All 16 people on the two boats were thrown into the water and both boats sank. No one had been wearing a life jacket.

The other people who died in the crash were Brian Grabowski, 50, of Tulare, California; Kirra Drury, 24, of Ventura, California; and Christine Lewis, 51, of Visalia, California. Their remains were found within days of the crash.

Personnel from several agencies searched the river and riverbanks from the crash site to Lake Havasu in an effort to find Heitzig long after the crash occurred.

Heitzig had earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from California State University Channel Islands. A family member noted online that Heitzig had wanted to become a high school English teacher.

Family and friends held a celebration of life for the young woman last September.

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Desert Bat

"death comes when it comes" - Bob Dylan. You can say things like that when it is the people who bring death who give you the verses.


My prayers for her family and friends and it is a disgrace that it took this long to find her body in that small of an area of water. Shame on all local govt. officials for not doing their jobs in the wake of this tragedy 2 years ago.


@ Desert Bat, "Heavy". ""There's That word again. Is there something wrong with the Earths gravitational pull in the future"?

Desert Bat

sorry I smell of Intel. It takes a lifetime to remove.


The river is a powerful and unpredictable thing. It isn’t the local government’s fault that she wasn’t found sooner. They searched for quite a long time. Let’s just be thankful she was found and her family has some closure........

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