BULLHEAD CITY — Those who love both books and bargains zeroed in on the Little Red Schoolhouse on Saturday.

A Colorado River Historical Society book sale featured mystery, history, self-help, pet help and more, to be had for a buck a book.

Arlo Thompson of Bullhead City bought about 20 books. He was moved by his love of books, his love of helping out and the breadth of the selection available, which extended to a table outside the schoolhouse. 

The sale is part of the historical society’s ongoing effort to raise money for the next phase of its construction, a library addition to the museum at Bullhead Community Park.

Historical society vice president Karole Finkelstein said the organization is seeking to raise $180,000.

“At one dollar a book, it’s pretty slow,” Finkelstein said, adding that the society is hoping to attract large donations to speed things along.

The main historical society building was launched after a $200,000 gift from the family of Vada Mercer pushed fundraising for that project past its goal.

Historical society President Elsie Needles said the family also had made smaller donations along the way.

About 20 shoppers came through in the first 90 minutes of the sale, Needles said.

Many were pleased with the bargains, she said, and some had never seen the inside of the schoolhouse — Bullhead City’s first school, which was moved to the park from its former location in Old Bullhead.

Janelle St. Pierre of Bullhead City had nine books after a few minutes at the sale, but still was shopping.

Her finds included health books, a law dictionary, a calligraphy book and a couple of music books for her boyfriend.

The historical society’s museum has new summer hours: it’s open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. It may be open additional hours for special occasions or when there are events at the park.

Anyone interested in making a donation, sharing fundraising ideas or finding out more about the historical society may call 929-754-3399.

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