Mayor Tom Brady

Yesterday, as the mayor of Bullhead City, I issued a “proclamation” requiring the wearing of face coverings at all business locations open to the public throughout Bullhead City. 

This was not an easy decision to make, and I want to take a few moments to let everyone know the reasons why this action was taken. As it so happened, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, at the very same time, held a news conference where he issued new executive orders closing gyms, bars, water parks, movie theaters and delaying the re-opening of schools. So although our action was taken independently of the governor’s new order, it helps to confirm that the situation is serious enough that our actions were warranted. So let’s review where we were and where we’re headed.

As you all know, the COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc on the U.S. economy when state governments took the lead by closing businesses to “flatten the curve.” But what many people forget is “flattening the curve” was not designed to protect individuals from the virus, it was intended to “slow the spread” so our medical community and our first responders could equip and mobilize the necessary resources to ensure that anyone who contracted the virus could receive the needed medical equipment and attention required to keep them alive.

During this whole time, little was known about this virus and the federal government didn’t have a chance to prepare a vaccine as is normally done each year prior to the flu season. Unlike previous years, this left the most vulnerable unprotected and at the mercy of a virus that was thought to be more contagious and more deadly than any we’ve ever encountered before.

As a result, in an abundance of caution, states locked the country down and ordered businesses shuttered, bringing our economy to a standstill for weeks. People were ordered to stay at home while authorities prepared protocols, hospital beds, obtained ventilators and personal protective equipment for the heroic medical staff and first line responders.  

All appeared to be working fine here in Bullhead City. The numbers were low and the hospitals were prepared. With businesses struggling to survive and fearing an economic collapse, Gov. Ducey reopened Arizona businesses with prudent guidelines. The governor implored people to avoid groups, maintain social distancing, wash hands regularly, have wait staff wear masks, and stay home whenever possible. Unfortunately, some people who were isolated for weeks thought all was well, or that they were invincible, and they returned in public as if nothing had changed. As a result, Arizona’s positive COVID-19 cases are rising substantially and the governor now has allowed local governments to take the next step on their own and mandate the wearing of face masks in their jurisdictions.

Since March, Bullhead City staff and I have been in constant contact with federal, state, county, neighboring city officials, hospital administrators, and first responders — to ensure first and foremost that our medical and first responder community had the necessary resources to deal with what was coming. The state and county health directors have taken the lead in educating us and coordinating all of the agencies working together for the benefit of everyone — and we were confident that through the collective effort of all, we were prepared.

On June 17, the day Gov. Ducey allowed cities to mandate the wearing of masks, our hospitals reported that they had sufficient staff, beds, and ventilators to care for the needs of our local citizens. In addition, our county health director advised that she recommended the use of face coverings, but did not recommend mandating them as the proper course of action.

So after weighing all of the variables at that time, including our health director’s advice, along with balancing human safety, local businesses failing and financial hardship on individuals, the purpose and effectiveness of face masks, the infection numbers and the fatality rate, the enforcement problems, what adjoining jurisdictions were requiring, the people’s right to individual freedom, and the likelihood of violent confrontations by people on both sides who strongly hold their beliefs, a very difficult decision needed to be made. After weighing all of these variables, Bullhead City’s final decision primarily boiled down to the original focus and that was: Are the hospitals prepared?

So on June 19, Bullhead City issued a statement not requiring, but strongly encouraging businesses to require face masks of their patrons and some did, but unfortunately, most did not.  

Since then, we have seen a significant surge in the number of reported cases. In the past week, we’ve seen more than double the amount of new cases than in the past five weeks. Last week we also heard State Health Director Dr. Cara Christ say over 1,100 patients in the metropolitan Phoenix and Tucson areas have been transferred to other hospitals throughout the state including Kingman and Lake Havasu City. The possibility that our very own hospitals could soon reach capacity is now a reality. This new information was game changing, and as such, Bullhead City is revising its previous order.

As of this morning, Bullhead City is now requiring that face coverings be worn while indoors at all businesses where the public is allowed. A formal proclamation has been issued explaining the final requirements, exceptions and particulars of this order. Go to Bullhead City’s website or Facebook page to view the proclamation in its entirety. 

At this time, no formal penalties will be imposed on individuals who violate this order, but Bullhead City staff will ensure that businesses comply with this directive, and to further educate the public.

All businesses, including those restaurants providing dine-in services and alcohol, are reminded to review the governor’s guidance requirements that allowed them to re-open. Gov. Ducey made it very clear that non-compliance with these guidelines will not be tolerated, and health permits and liquor licenses may be impacted for any violations.

As the mayor of Bullhead City, no one believes in the Constitution and the freedoms that it provides more than I do. I fully recognize that the decision that was made will outrage many of you. But in my heart, I believe that the action taken will not only help save lives and prevent painful suffering from those infected, but it also may be one small step in avoiding another possible shutdown of the entire economy like we experienced before.

God bless you all, remain safe, and let’s all get through this together!

Tom Brady, Mayor

City of Bullhead City

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Desert Bat

if you knew the actual background to this virus pandemic, you would be sick.


At this time, no formal penalties will be imposed on individuals who violate this order, but Bullhead City staff will ensure that businesses comply with this directive?

That's BS on your part Mayor! All businesses should turn away customers who refuse to wear masks. If they don't believe in wearing masks, then stay home where you belong, us essential employees who still have to work, do not need you coming to our place of work and spreading your ignorance! As for you Mayor,I hope your job ends soon if you do not enforce this on all citizens


Couldn’t agree more! So what the hell is up with Fort Mohave? Do you know by chance?

Ol Dixie

I'm glad you stepped up to the plate on this. Things are getting worse here and everyone should comply without resistance. But there will be the out of town liberal visitors that come here and spread their germs 😷 and go back where they came from with no regards. Because you are not enforcing any penalties on anyone, how can you enforce ? Sounds like you are up at the plate with no umpire.

Fort Mohave Resident

Mayor, this is something you should have acted on long ago, but you were to worried about fattening your pockets and keeping the tourist coming to town and now by your actions you have allowed this deadly virus to spread like wild flower through the community. Many have died and 100's have been infected by this deadly virus and your lack of actions you should be held accountable. It's time for you and the City manager to hand in your resignations. You have failed us as being our leaders and this is something you just fix. To many good people, residents of this town have now passed away and you should feel ashamed of yourselves.


Was rudely informed today, this directive, only goes to the BHC line. Safeway is a free-face zone. Seems the virus can’t cross the street!


Safeway is for not mandating masks. They are open to lawsuits and fights between customers!


I don't know who made Tom Brady or Doug Ducey KING, but my rights come from God and they are unalienable which means they can't be separated from me. They can't be given away or taken away. These 2 men need a lesson on civics, So here is lesson #1.


End of lesson #1.


Doug Ducey and Tom Brady are not Kings, and the certainly are God.

End lesson 2.

Lesson 3. As Benjamin Franklin said "if your willing to give up FREEDOM for a little security, you deserve neither.

End of lesson 3.

It seems to me you both have joined the rest of the politicians who think they can overthrow this country. Good luck trying

Michael 777

Relax! Quit getting your panties in a bunch over this. Just do us all a favor and wear a mask if you go out. It's no big deal.


it is a big deal. I will stay home

PATRICK LACROSS favor stay.he


Okay, first of all, why was it such a difficult choice to make? If it means possibly keeping people safe and keeping them from either getting sick or making others sick, its a no brainer. Where local leadership and businesses seem to be really lacking, is enforcement. Whiole out and about taking care of daily needs and working, I witnessed very few people wearing mask and watched one after another walk into stores not wearing any sort of face protection. No leadership, no enforcement and we will continue to get sick and die. Congratulations, mission accomplished, no ones feelings got hurt.


So I will be limited to grocery shopping in Mohave


The "grocery store" (in Mojave) is the most likely place for spread of the virus because everybody needs to go to buy food to survive, even sick people! And because most of the other places of non-essential business will soon be closed, the grocery store will be crowded all of the time.

pdelisle1 zone there. No prob


Mayor Brady is a conservative Republican. This wasn't an easy decision for him. To all of you naysayers, history will not be kind to you. This is a serious disease and it's growing and harming and killing. Do the right thing. It's NOT about government control. It's trying to curb this beast. I'm a conservative Republican too. I also know we should appreciate the mayor's decision. Thank you, Tom.

Michael 777

The imbeciles will scream. "My Freedumb is being taken away".


So call me an imbecile. Bit maybe you should take a lesson on civics also

I Brady's job to rule over people or to protect everyone's rights?


Requiring masks at this time was the correct decision, and I believe that many citizens here agree. With all due respect, some people are confusing constitutional civil rights with the right to do whatever they want or do not want to do. Many complained years ago when seat belts and child safety seats were required, but compliance was enforced with penalties and soon we all accepted these changes. This virus is NOT fake news. It is NOT a political campaign trick.

Conspiracy theories are nonsense and may have cost many lives. I say "thank you" to the mayor and the council for finally taking charge in this matter in order to protect us from ourselves.

Desert Bat

I don't think critics are confused at all. Those masks are proven ineffective. Seat belt laws have given police another tool in their arsenal against people minding their own business. And if you can't see through the horrific lies of Government from at least the Vietnam war period through the September 11th 2001 attacks and beyond til now, I hardly know what to say. America's Founders were very well aware of any Government's penchant for power-grabbing from the people's supposedly inalienable rights.


Way past time to ensure the public wears masks to save lives and keep local health resources intact but no repercussions or real enforcement means it’s just a public way to look like Bullhead cares about its residents.


Better late than never on the masks. The Governor and McSally have shown no leadership, just look at the photo of both of them with Trump at the border wall recently with no masks on.

The Bullhead City major needs to get FREE public testing of Covid 19 testing. Why don’t we have this for residents—the Trump Adm. needs to release 14 billion dollars that congress has passed for testing. Our local government leaders and health dept. must demand these funds.


If Tom Brady really wanted to cut crowds, why hasn’t he closed the river beach parking, and boat/jet ski launchings for anyone without an Arizona Drivers License with a Bullhead City address on it, and without Arizona plates on the vehicle/trailer? One of the hot spots for COVID is the Riverside area of California. Another is Los Angeles County.


Exactly! I have saying that for weeks! Close public beach and Davis Camp!


It's all about the money!!!!! They don't care about our health one bit!!!! Think of the revenue their gonna make from on those Californians coming to the river!!!! Lolololololo.....their thinking$$$$$$$$$!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Tom Brady. It is only fair to try & keep all of us safe. We don't have that many hospitals so we have to try to get the virus down.People wear the masks.



This makes sense from a logical standpoint with one exception. Why are we still allowing so many people at the beaches? Why are we not shutting down jetski rentals? The governor shut down "tube rentals" because the salt river in Phoenix is congested. It is no different here. If this was only about protecting the public we would close jetski rentals and limit access to the river to locals only. We were at 24 cases before memorial day. That's when the Californians started coming here in droves and is the real reason our numbers are skyrocketing.

Arizona Drifter

We have an enemy and it will kill us. Period!

During WW2 we had an enemy and people came together to fight that enemy. Not many during that conflict stood up and said the constitution over rules the requirement to go about our lives as you can’t make me come together with other citizens and force me to feel fight this enemy.

So now today we face an invisible enemy and many who can’t see this enemy with their own 2 eyes stand up to government and their fellow citizens claiming “Don’t Tread On Me”

This is a sad situation for all citizens. Freedom is being taken away from all of us. If we could just understand we do all we can including face masks we will become victorious over this invisible enemy. God Help Us with respect for one another and to crush this invisible enemy!


Covid-19 didn't reck Havic you have! Gyms closed we may have 10 people in the gym at one time. And you have close or grouped sometime to keep you health with bars and clubs. How do you justify that? And thinking that Grandma's home made mask out of old shirts and panties works at all! Cant wait to watch you cowards when the lawsuits start to fly see who you try and blame. 60,000 thousand plus on the river and you close locals


I think the mayor made the right call. I personally don't see this as a problem. To my way of thinking, it's just an extension of a no shirt-no shoes-no service policy that most businesses have already had in place for years. Sadly, if you were to read the comments that were posted yesterday after this paper announced the mayor's mask requirement, you'd see a lot of different responses. One person posted the false narrative that wearing a mask will cut your oxygen intake to 19%. If this was true, our medical professionals and first responders would all have passed out. The science is very clear on how wearing masks will slow the spread of this virus. The type of mask you wear is also important. According to the latest research, stitched cotton masks are much more effective than cone shaped masks which in turn are better than bandanas.


This is for whoever is in charge of posting the comments ---early this morning, I posted a comment on this page. It was very respectful and supported mayor Brady's decision. Respectfully, if you don't publish legitimate comments, then it doesn't make any sense to have it at all. Thank you


Just another case of politicians cave to unjustified panic because they think it will score them political points. The truth is masks do not prevent any virus from spreading. Masks stop water vapor but viruses are essentially gas. Vivid 19 is a flu. Do your research and you will find all the true stats show the same, if not less deadly and contagious. Any business that forces me to will not get my patronage even after this false crisis is over. Any politician condoning this unconstitutional edict will never get my vote.

Wile E Coyote

Half the comments in this thread seem to be coming straight from Bandini Mountain. There seems to be a group of people in this area that completely misconstrue what the Constitution is all about. "I got rights", "dang gubmint can't make me wear a mask if I don't want to", "masks ain't no good," etc.. etc., ad nauseum. Lighten up, people, and think about this - if by wearing a mask of some sort, you prevent someone else from getting sick or if by wearing a mask, YOU don't get sick when some other unthinking, uncaring clown coughs or sneezes in your vicinity, isn't that worth the small inconvenience of wearing a mask? I think so, which is why I've been wearing a mask since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in Clark County. I thought, "OK, won't be long before it comes down the river and lo, and behold, I was right. I've remained asymptomatic SO FAR, but with some of the dingbats here in town not masking up, it's just going to be a matter of time before I get exposed and then it's all over.


The point is masks don't work. Quit listening to the media and think for yourself. Do your own research. You are the dingbat moron.

no mask for me, thanks

When just one person can tell me how a piece of material with ear loops placed over your face, that literally states on the package not for medical use/will not prevent spread of virus, can keep you from getting or spreading the virus, then I will wear one. But before all you mask wearing shamers get your panties in a bunch, remember COPD, asthma, anxiety or other issues are exacerbated by wearing masks. Some folks with these conditions have to wear one 8 hours a day or lose their job. But I know, it’s not about their rights. It’s about everyone else’s. Never in my life did I think I would see the forced control of healthy people.


The real problem I see is the people who are sick are not staying home away from the public. Yesterday I was getting gas and heard a woman tell her friend how sick she was feeling. I told her then stay at home. I see all these cases are being linked to a previous case that tells me they are out spreading the virus. Inforce staying home if you are positive, that will what mkes a difference


you for got to mention the 40,000.00 californians


Yep! They should stay home.


Seeing that the city charges a fee to enter our community park, does that make the park a business? If it does why is it on one is wearing a face mask?


The Mayor did the right thing & I support him. He should of done this sooner. He also should close the boat ramps bc you have people from everywhere coming here in this small town. No wonder it is spreading. People come from the river from the Casinos now that there opened & this is going to get out of hand. We don't have enough dr's & nurses here to cover us. we will eventually end up like N.Y. If you don't have your health, then you don't have anything. Money won't do you any good if your dead.


"We will eventually end up like N.Y.?" Really? Then that would mean everyone from I-40 north to Lake Davis would have to be killed by the CoronaVirus.


What about the mass exodus from California? 500 cars a day equals about 10 g a day in parking fees. Those are certainly more important than local health?

Arizona Drifter

Just thinking how many of you insist on sleeping with your other half when they are hacking and coughing and running a fever of 103? Who has common sense to sleep in the other room or insists it’s their god given right to sleep in the same bed? Just curious?


If Brady was smart, he would close down the city beaches and Davis Camp for the holiday weekend. The reason we are seeing a spike is because of all the Californians flocking here for the weekends.


[beam]I agree with a previus post about people traveling into our area to use the river area. I was totally astounded by the number of vehicles recently along the river using the bhc resources. I would certainly belive this problem has compounded our covid19 rise in reported cases.


Here is a note from a person that has C.O.P.D., Asthma and Alpha 1 Antitrypsin deficiency ( genetic emphysema) Face Masks do not impair my breathing in any way shape or form,my doctor told me wear them, even if i'm on Oxygen.

God didn't say it infringe on me either!. nor is the Government, i stay safe by wearing a face mask and hand washing, avoiding large groups, parties and the ignorant. This isn't about freedoms, and politics, this is about a virus that is like the combination of the measles, mumps, chicken pox and polio combined it's a wildfire, get over yourselves and protect everyone. Our mayor needed to do his job moths ago and failed big; a $250 fine should be attached to the non-wearing of a face masks.


Personally, since early March, I have been wearing a mask when I will be in a setting where I can't easily keep a 10 ft. distance between myself and others. This has been MY choice. What others wear or don't wear, assuming the masks-are-necessary theorists are correct, has little or nothing to do with MY health.

I don't believe that any level of government SHOULD or constitutionally can require individuals to wear masks in public settings. BTW, the CDC still recommends those who have breathing problems NOT wear a mask. I guess the Mask-Nazi's would require these individuals never leave their homes.

Perhaps if - as a nation - we hadn't allowed the Education Industrial Complex in the last 20+ years to teach our children to become left-leaning social justice fascists, I MIGHT not fear the government imposing such restrictions as mask requirements. However, since these folks will soon be running the government, I'm (IMHO) justifiably concerned about individual freedoms. Experience and history suggest the left starts with baby steps (remember non-smoking sections in restaurants) and doesn't stop until their real goal is met (no smoking in restaurants, at beaches, or even outdoor stadiums, etc.).

You can risk your life in the military, drink in several states and vote at 18 (the left wants to reduce voting to 16), but you're too immature to decide whether to smoke until you're 21.

Here's the logical solution to the Mask issue. Businesses - NOT government - should decide whether to require customers to wear masks. Smart and Final has, in addition to strict distancing at check out, had a mask to enter requirement for some time. They also have intelligently installed plexiglass to protect customers and employees from communicable diseases. Assuming you're not an imbecile, lemming or hall monitor personality type that wants government to mandate rules that can be easily solved by the market place, stop complaining about people in grocery stores not wearing masks when you can go to one where such attire is required WITHOUT GOVERNMENT INTERFERENCE.

I don't believe that any level of government should or constitutionally can require imdividuals to wear masks in public settings. BTW, the CDC still recommends those who have breathing problems NOT wear a mask.I guess the Mask-Nazi's would have these individuals never leave their homes.

Perhaps if - as a nation - we hadn't allowed the Education Industrial Complex in the last 20+ years to teach our children to become left- leaning social justice fascists, I MIGHT not fear the government imposing such restrictions as mask requirements. However, expeeience and history suggest the left starts with baby steps ( remember non-smoking sections in restaurants) and doesn't stop until their real goal is met (no smoking in restaurants, at beaches, or even outdoor stadiums, etc.). You can risk your life in the military, drink in some states and vote at 18 (the left wants to reduce voting to 16), but your too immature to decide whether to smoke until your 21.

Arizona Drifter

Happy we don’t have this conversation about shirts and shoes.


The mask mandate is in effect for Ft Mohave , Mohave Valley & Needles CA & about time. Like it or not these are different times the sooner we all do what we can the sooner hopefully we can get back to normal (we hope). I would hate to see our markets close because common sense has gone out the window. It’s not that big a deal to put a mask on for an hour or two while out in public, I would rather do that than end up in the hospital or dead!!!

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