BULLHEAD CITY — As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Arizona approaches 50,000, the disease is showing that it doesn’t discriminate by age.

Roughly 58% of Arizona’s 49,798 cases have been reported in people under the age of 45. In Mohave County, the 45-and-under age range accounts for about 40% of the county’s 724 positive COVID-19 tests.

The Mohave County Health Department on Saturday reported five new cases in the county a day after reporting 29. Sixteen of the 34 cases reported since Thursday are in the Bullhead City service area, which has been the site of 286 cases. There have been 284 cases in Kingman, 131 in Lake Havasu City and 23 in North County.

The total of deaths attributed to the disease remained at 70; there have been 41 in Kingman, 18 in Bullhead City and 11 in Lake Havasu City. No COVID-19 deaths have been confirmed in North County, an area that includes Beaver Dam, Colorado City and Littleton.

Of the 16 new cases reported since Thursday in Bullhead City, one is a child age 10 or younger, three are in the 20-29 age group, one 30-39, one 40-49, four 50-59, one 70-79, two 80-89 and three 90 or older. One person in the 80-89 age group is hospitalized while the others are isolated and recovering at home. Contact trace investigations have linked 12 of the new cases to one or more previous cases. Investigations are continuing for the other four cases.

According to the county health department, there have been 24 cases involving children 10 or younger and 22 between the ages of 11 and 19 in Mohave County. The largest number of cases for a 10-year age range is 111 among 30- to 39-year-olds.

About 40% of the county’s cases are age 60 or older. All but a handful of the deaths in the county also have come from that demographic.

In Arizona, confirmed cases of COVID-19 reached 49,798 with Saturday’s report of 3,109 new cases. The Arizona Department of Health Services reported 26 deaths from the virus, raising the statewide total to 1,338.

It was the fourth day in the last week that the ADHS had reported more than 2,000 new cases; 3,246 were reported on Friday following reports of 2,392 on Tuesday and 2,519 on Thursday. 

More than 23,000 cases in Arizona — and 239 deaths — have been in people between the ages of 20 and 44. There have been 5,461 cases and 48 deaths in patients age 19 or younger.

Nevada also has reported an increase in new cases with 445 reported on Saturday, the highest 24-hour total since the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services began tracking COVID-19 infections in March. NDHHS reported 410 new cases on Friday. 

There have been 12,931 cases and 486 deaths reported in Nevada with Clark County — which includes Las Vegas — accounting for roughly fourth-fifths of each total.

According to the Southern Nevada Health District, there have been six confirmed cases reported in Laughlin. No additional information was available on Laughlin’s cases.

For most people, the coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

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I was at the Home Depot in Bullhead City the other day. It was crowded. A lot of people were not social distancing. None of the staff and few of the customers were wearing masks. I turned around and left.

our collective stupidity is going to kill us. Covid-19 is a vital infection that doesn't discriminate. It doesn't care about your race, gender, age, or your political beliefs. It's like a loaded gun. If you disrespect it and don't handle it properly, there will be consequences.

What's really sad is all the collateral damage that could then occur as you infect your spouse, your children, your friends, and relatives. How many people have to get sick because you were unable or unwilling to wear a mask, and to practice both social distancing and good personal hygiene.


What is the total population of Mohave County? This article states there are 724 positive cases in the whole county! That is quite a low number. The most important thing is MOST recover with mild symptoms. Do you know how to treat this at home to avoid going to the hospital? My husband and I don't go out much but when we do, we have not worn masks and neither of us are sick. He has other health issues but I know how to treat respiratory illnesses. If we don't get this virus over and done with, we will not be able to fight it off as easily and it will probably mutate and get stronger while our bodies get poisoned with antibacterial products and hand sanitizers.


Most will not die from this virus! Most who have died couldn't escape their homes! If we do not let our bodies become immune, we will always live in fear of it.


Here we go, high numbers going up!! Why are mask not mandated? Ok mayor it’s time to take charge & do your job of putting people first. Holiday weekend coming & you know where they are coming from & there states have a mandatory mask order, so they come here because you don’t care. Elections coming up & I will remember who did not do there JOB!!!

Fort Mohave Resident

Wow great job Brady & Cotter! This is all your fault, you rushed to open Bullhead to fatten your pockets and the results are in the article. You both should be removed from the City.


I assume you like staying home and do not have a business or need a job to pay bills and buy food. Many of us would rather work for what we get and we like living what little time we have on this earth without fear. I need a reason to get out of bed every day. There are others who have what little of normal lives they could get taken from them. People with disabilities have had things taken from them. People in nursing homes, the ones who can't escape and have had the most deaths, aren't even to enjoy visits in their last days on earth. The unrest we see in big cities would not be as destructive if we hadn't shut down the country!


Laughlin = 6 cases and 0 deaths. And less than 25% of the folks there wear masks. Proof once again that masks are not protection from this virus, staying at least 8-12 feet away from others is.


This is the land of Chemtrail Kelli Ward and all of the conspiracy theorists. There's no way any kind of government is gonna tell them what to do. They'll be comin' for yer guns next.


Before people r running to blame everything on these 'increased cases' numbers...think!!!! They r doing more and more testing.....we were told as soon as they were able to get valid testing accomplished there will be more cases! We do not know any health history on these cases, just ages, so underlying co comorbidities r important as is immunity issues! Also having the virus/positive testing, doesnt mean you r sick with symptoms. They r tracing and testing then quarantine people without symptoms! Maybe you would prefer how the Chinese government handled it...go there, Americans do not want to be in lock down....we already did that. We do not have ALL the info nor believe the numbers and the death rate. Remember the task team verbalized deaths as "dieing with PCOVID not dieing from COVID" , think of that! Also mask wearing....no agreement between the 'experts' in the medical community or OSHA!

If people feel masks r needed, wanted or 'protect' u, wear them but STOP telling others who dont to wear them! Bussiness r requiring them because they r forced to by some states, most do not even understand the CDC guidelines that have not SAID REQUIRED, only recommended! We cannot destroy the American economy for something we do not know is totally factual, believed, or know the truth of every 'AGENDA that is going on.

The virus will not be the cause of America being destroyed.....it will be stupidity!


Stop the fear mongering! This virus is not going to go away so we have to allow our bodies to build up immunity to it. 724 positive cases in ALL of Mohave County is not a lot of people, if I can believe this article. When another article reports most who test positive are "recovering" at home, I logically conclude the severity of this virus is somewhat more dangerous than other types of flu viruses that are severe and fatal for those with weakened immune systems and other health issues. Treat them early and let the rest of us deal with this as we deal with other viruses!


Bottom line we are panicking over swine flu death rates why? But guess what's breaking headline news today? UN Pandemic scientists are saying a new swine flu out of China is expected to rival Covid19 and may require a 2nd shut down and pandemic sheltering in place for months. Why so we can have more riots and destruction of freedom. No thanks I'm a 30 year retired veteran 74-04 and know what's its like to risk my life for our freedoms. If people want to lose faith in God and cower that's their business. But as for me and my house we will be outside letting our light shine and being salt of the earth for all to see.

George G. CWO4 DHS Retired


As my mother would say ; Little to late to wear mask They will retract it once they see there losing money from people not coming to town , Safeway Walmart Sam's club employees have and we all been there so you put two n two together


Thank You for your Service to America gonzoman. I'm with you....STOP this "Virus Gonna Kill Everybody" nonsense and go on about your freaking lives. If you get the Kung Flu or the Pig Flu or the Trump Flu, there's a 99.92% chance you will live, so stop being afraid of being afraid....Get sick and get over it or get sick and die, whatever.

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