KINGMAN — A local judge has declined a prison option but ordered a 120-day jail sentence for a Bullhead City man who was impaired when he crashed his vehicle through the glass front doors of a convenience store, injuring a patron a year ago.

Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle placed Alexander Molnar, 70, on probation during Thursday’s sentencing hearing and ordered him to perform 80 hours of community work service.

“Not the way I pictured my life ending,” Molnar said, when asked if he’d like to address the court. He apologized for harm and injury to the victim and asserted the episode was accidental.

“I am accepting that point of view that you did not do this intentionally,” Carlisle responded, noting he would have imposed a prison sentence if he thought otherwise.

During a previous change of plea hearing, Mohave County Deputy Attorney James Schoppmann said Molnar’s blood alcohol content was more than twice the legal limit for driving when his pickup truck struck the entrance of the Beyond River Mart off Highway 95. Schoppmann said the impact tossed the 55-year old victim into the air and caused her to suffer three broken bones in her back.

Molnar questioned whether the victim had a pre-existing injury or was hurt in the storefront crash. He pleaded guilty to aggravated assault, criminal damage and a drunk driving-related charge.

Carlisle provided time for Molnar to get his affairs in order, directing the defendant to begin serving his jail time on or before Sept. 16.

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