BULLHEAD CITY — The Cost-of-Living Index Annual Average Data report for the second quarter of 2019 was just released and Bullhead City is again named as the most affordable city in Arizona as well as one of the most affordable cities in the United States, according to a release from the city. 

A city’s composite index is made up of six components: Grocery items, housing, utilities, transportation, health care, and miscellaneous goods and services.  

Bullhead City’s overall composite index is 91.1%. The breakdown of the six components for the city during this reporting period is 89.3% for housing costs, 85.7% for utilities costs, 96.9% for transportation costs, 91.6% for healthcare, 98.4% for grocery items and 89.5% for miscellaneous goods and services. 

“Bullhead City residents enjoy this affordable lifestyle thanks to our businesses, home builders, and industries that work to keep costs in check,” said City Manager Toby Cotter. “This low cost of living will continue to attract residents to Bullhead City.”

When compared to the other Arizona cities that participated, Bullhead City is the lowest in utilities and transportation, second for miscellaneous goods and services and third for healthcare.

The report measures changes in how local prices compared to prices in other areas from period to period, not local price changes from period to period, It represents the average prices submitted by the participating 255 urban areas nationwide. 

“The city’s low cost of living continues to drive the economy, which is very attractive to new businesses looking at opening a new location away from higher costs areas such as southern California’s Orange County at 148.6% and Los Angeles-Long Beach at 146.8%,” the release also noted.  

The other seven Arizona cities that participated this quarter and their overall composite scores are: Flagstaff 114.9%, Lake Havasu City 106.3%, Phoenix 99.1%, Surprise 91.5%, Prescott-Prescott Valley 105.9%, Tucson 97.4% and City of Yuma 94.7%. 

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Fort Mohave Resident

This will all change if the City takes over the water department. The residents will fall in such debt paying back the City's 130 Million dollar loan. Our untrustworthy Mayor is going to destroy this town. Brady is a BULLY that needs to removed from Council. Toby Cotter should be next in line to be removed from his seat. Toby has lied continually to all the residents on Bullhead. I asking You Toby Cotter resign from the City and let somebody else that's more suitable fill that position.


Cheap sure. But not very nice. I moved here 4 months ago and can't wait to leave. The whole town feels like its built in the 80s and stuck there. Its all old and run down looking like it hasn't been cleaned or updated in like 40 years. Everyone paints buildings brown and tan like we arent surrounded by the desert and would like a different color. And the heat is unreal. Second hottest city in the US. Its been 115F daily since July; high of 108 today is a cool day. And dirt nothingness as far as you can see.

But its cheaper than California. Not cheap for other parts of the US though.


It's too late for us now, being retired, albeit to expensive to move. The medical facilities namely Valley View Hospital are ridiculous. Anytime they see fit it's off to Las Vegas via helicopter. Even some doctor's in the area say don't use VVM, so that should be a BIG red flag. We are so sorry ever coming here.


I wouldn't believe anything these people say or do. They have been spreading rumors/lie's for too long, move on people.

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